COVID-19 'A Different Perspective' of Portsmouth

by Solent Sky Services in Portsmouth, England, United Kingdom

COVID-19 'A Different Perspective' of Portsmouth


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Support our family run business through this crisis and help us deliver a forever remembered heart warming project for the community

by Solent Sky Services in Portsmouth, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

- We will visit every school in Portsmouth and provide an educational talk on drones.

- Continue growing our business by investing in young people and apprentices.

- Utilise our office space to help other small businesses.

- Support us supporting our chosen chairty. 

- Finalise our Operational Safety Case - this enable our in house pilots to safely and legally fly closer to people, vessels and structures not under their control. 

Our project is 'To produce a uniquely shot short film capturing Portsmouth & Southsea from the sky and ground during COVID-19'

You have seen the rainbows in the windows, taken part in the appreciation claps, been moved by the actions of our key workers and seen the empty streets. 

We believe the current situation needs to be documented on film, the Portsmouth story needs to be told, and our Mike started filming at the beginning lock down.

Support our family run business through this crisis, and help us to capture the uplifting kindness and sense of community we are witnessing.

The output will be a positive and emotive video for the community to enjoy and look back on.

We are going to feature NHS workers, key workers, care supporters, the elderly, kids, neighbours, local businesses and intersperse this with beautiful aerial footage.

The money you donate will help sustain our business activities and to produce this project. Our team is small, there's three of us in house, and two are currently furloughed.

Although we are all helping by staying in we can't help but feel helpless and feel the need to put our skills and expertise to use to help others but we need some help from you.

We have top of the line DJI Drone equipment, RØDE Microphones, Black Magic Pocket Cinema Cameras and a world class Director of Photography.

What do you get?

If you are a Key Worker or Portsmouth based business who would like to be featured in the video or have a particular story you would like to tell please do email us It's all about telling the Portsmouth story, you don't have to make a pledge.

You get to be a part of this uniquely shot short film, we will ensure you are credited. We are going to post ongoing updates about the project.

Please check out the rewards section or simply pledge some cash to support our small business. 

Where will the video be shown?

We are in the throes of speaking with a local outdoor cinema screening company as we want the premier to be widely accessible by all. We are also in talks with Shaping Portsmouth and intend to share the video online.

The outcome

- Our small business will have been supported through these strange times. 

- The final videos will later be donated to Portsmouth City Museum.

- The community will have these precious videos to always look back upon this historical time.

What kind of work do we do?

We're a premier media production team who provide aerial / ground media and drone surveying services. 

Click here to view a selection of photographs we captured over Easter weekend.

Here's our drone showreel that we prepared around this time last year:

You can also find out more about us over on our website 

This crowdfunder is part of the Crowdfund Solent - COVID-19 Impact Support Fund For Small Businesses and Portsmouth City Council encouraged us to get involved. The Solent LEP are fund matching £ for £ our initial target up to £2000

We are a trusted company who have previously worked with Portsmouth City Council, Portico, The Royal Navy, Wightlink Ferries, Shaping Portsmouth, Southsea Folk, Solent Forts, Staggeringly Good Brewery, Bird Aware Solent, Seekers Create and many more local businesses.

Thank you for reading, and in advance for your support. Please do check out the rewards below. There should be something for everyone, please let us know if there is reward you would like to see.

Hope to hear from you all soon. 

Yours Sincerely,

Mike & Sara Woods

P.S Please do ensure you check out the updates section. The project scope has been increased! 

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Let's make 'COVID-19 'A Different Perspective' of Portsmouth' happen

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