Help Addenbrooke's Staff Cope & Feel Appreciated

by Sam Thorogood in Great Shelford, England, United Kingdom

Help Addenbrooke's Staff Cope & Feel Appreciated
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Help life saving Addenbrookes staff reduce stress and feel appreciated.

by Sam Thorogood in Great Shelford, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Produce extra Public Appreciation billboard posters to put up in locations close to Addenbrookes hospital.

Help express a public thank you to Addenbrooke's staff. And help them learn some simple techniques to self manage stress after shift. Help them feel appreciated and recover.

"I try so hard but it never seems like enough" - Addenbrookes nurse in JAN this year who has just worked 5 night shifts in a row providing high levels of care to 9 patients throughout the night.

In a nutshell:

  • NHS data shows the main reason staff are absent from work is work related stress (1 in 3 days of total staff absenteeism in 2018)
  • Over 50 studies show increasing appreciation helps people reduce stress, increase resilience and lessen feelings of loneliness - simple and effective
  • This campaign will put billboards like the one below on bus shelters surrounding the hospital - helping all staff see a message of appreciation
  • For each poster funded this campaign will provide 100 places to staff on a specially designed Mini Mindfulness Course. Over one week (one technique per day via email) staff can learn mini mindfulness, resilience and appreciation techniques designed to help them reduce stress immediately after shift or as soon as they get home. 

How will the money be spent?

Clear channel have quoted us £420 per bus shelter billboard for two weeks. Therefore ten bus shelter billboards = £4,200 - this would make a meaningful thank you highly visible. But just one billboard would mean over a thousand staff could see it at least once while it's up.

Tiny Pause will donate 100 places of the Mini Mindfulness course to Addenbrookes nurses, doctors and support staff per billboard. So if we got 10 billboards we can reach 1,000 staff and help them learn some techniques to self manage stress, cope and recover more effectively.

Why publicly appreciate Addenbrookes staff?

Do you remember a time when you tried really hard? And in return other people took you for granted?

Each of us feel like that at some point. You do, I do. Sometimes with work, sometimes with family.

I met a nurse recently who explained that no matter how hard she worked, how many nights, how many medications she administered, how many patients she cared for, it never felt like it was enough. 

She would go home thinking about all the things that needed doing. She was tired, stressed and overwhelmed. She's not alone.

Sometimes the problems of the world can seem so big, that we can feel powerless; how can I help fix the NHS? This project is an opportunity to do one small thing that can have a tangible difference.

If you look at the news and social media it can look like a very critical world. But I think we are better than that. I have faith that each of us wants to do more kind things to support others. If we know techniques are supported by science we can feel confident they will make a difference. 

Why is the campaign important to me?

14 years ago two of my children were born prematurely into intensive care at Addenbrookes. Over seven weeks the nurses and doctors saved the lives of mum and both children. They took incredible care to support our family. If I thank them everyday for the rest of my life it won't be enough.

Will this campaign change the world?

No. But for me its this simple; have you, or someone you know or care about been cared and supported by Addenbrookes staff? If the answer is yes, then donate.  Give whatever you can, every single donation will go towards more public appreciation to staff and helping them access simple techniques proven by science to help them self manage stress more effectively. 

Final Thought

Its ok if you cant donate to this campaign. Anything you can do to help just one member of Addenbrooke's staff feel appreciated makes a difference. Write them a card, send them some flowers, volunteer at the hospital. Whatever is possible for you. Help care for the people who care for the people we love.

Each of us are trying our best. Wishing you a moment for you today, you are important.



This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£10 or more

A Thank You To All Staff

Help fund a billboard thank you (or two) for Addenbrooke's staff to help them feel appreciated for how hard they work and the care they provide.

£20 or more

Thank you + Mini Mindfulness course

Help fund a billboard thank you (or more) for Addenbrooke's staff. And receive a place on the Mini Mindfulness course. Helping you learn some simple techniques to reduce stress, manage difficult thoughts and strengthen resilience.

£50 or more

Thank You + Course + Card To Specific Team/ Ward

In addition to funding a thank you billboard (or more) for all staff, we will also send a specific thank you card to the department of your choice. And in addition receive a place on the Mini Mindfulness course for yourself/ someone of your choice.

£99 or more

Thank You From Your Company/ Organisation

Help your company fund as many Thank You billboards as possible and let all your staff know about your organisation's commitment to thanking the staff at Addenbrooke's who have helped so many of them. (Or, if you know your company has a fund for this type of thing forward the main person this campaign). And in addition receive a place on the Mini Mindfulness course for yourself/ someone of your choice.

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