Appeal destruction order of 3 dogs

Appeal  destruction  order of 3 dogs

Help to raise funds to appeal a court order against three bull terriers; Lucky ,Minty and Ozzy.

We did it!

On 6th Jun 2016 we successfully raised £90 with 4 supporters in 28 days

A legal battle with corrupt local authorities is difficult. They have unlimited taxpayers money to spend... and when the case involves a simple animal loving family, they are already starting a costly legal battle on the losing foot.

On March 2015 the court issued an order againt three bulteriers Lucky, Minty and Ozzy. The case was brought by the local council and conducted without any evidence. The owners were deprived of the possibility of an adequate defence.

During the legal process, the case was riddle with unlawfull practice by the Judiciary, numerous irregularities and unfathomable corruption of local auhorities.

Due to the complexity of the case a costly process called the Judicial Review is necessery, this process is not covered by the Legal Aid. An amount of £15.000 may be needed in order to appeal the court order.  

Please help us to raise the funds to fight a legal battle that will save the these three bull terriers. 

Please be generous and share with as many people as you can, as with every legal battle time is of the essence.

We hope that exposing these unlawfull practices by the public officials against the dog owners and their pets will help other people who may find themselves in similar situations.

Which is why, any funds not used will be donated to animal charities helping other illegally detained pets... details of the charity will be published on:

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