Appeal child care proceedings

by Mr S Bernard in London, England, United Kingdom

Appeal child care proceedings


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I desperately need to secure funding for securing a good barrister to represent me at the appeal Court to help me fight and get my kids back

by Mr S Bernard in London, England, United Kingdom

I am desperate in overturning a wrong decision made by a family court judge who was biast and siding with the Barnet Local Authority and children services to keep my kids in long term care. I am able bodied and do work hard but I can not afford to fund barristers privately. My wife and I do not qualify for Legal Aid. I can not afford to employ barrister to fight my cause and bring my kids back home. The children have been in temporary care for 3 and a half years now. We have been in court over this same matter for the whole time before the last judgement was made for the children to be taken into permanent care due to an invented medical condition originated by a psychiatric doctor on my wife. They invented a condition called "SSD" Somatic Syndrome disorder. The therapy recommended by the psychiatrist has been successfully completed at Harley street by the mother before the last hearing.

These do not prevent a mother successfully being a good parent, but the judge has taken the law into her own hands and made an unchallenged judgement that she could not release the children back home to their loving parents and loving home. 

Please support me to reunite our two children with us by raising funds for us to get  supported by a private Barrister. 

I have spent a fortune to fund my wife's therapy at Harley street. I am now out of pocket and in debt. 

Kindly help. This kind of thing should not be allowed to happen. Social services are supposed to be working towards reuniting families, Barnet Social Services are definitely not doing this.

Any amount of donations would be highly appreciated.

Thank you.

S Bernard

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