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To trademark my idea for an app called ‘Quiff’ that all ages and genders will benefit from

by Bash Alsaad in Chorleywood, England, United Kingdom

I am an undergraduate studying Law at the University of Essex. I came up with an idea during my time at the University and wanted to build it even further as there is significant potential in the app I’m creating. It is unique and targets people of all ages and genders. My University provides support for individuals who are looking to start up a business by giving advice on what to do during the first stages of building a business. Using the knowledge I have gained from this, my first step is looking to gain funding to protect my business which is essential. 

In terms of what the app is, it will be called ‘Quiff’ and will benefit users by saving time and even money. Unfortunately until the idea is trademarked, not much can be said about it. However raising money will allow me to undergo this process and share my idea with the world. 

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