Anytime Fitness 24hr Premium Health Club

Anytime Fitness 24hr Premium Health Club

We are experienced entrepreneurs with over 7 yrs experience within the Leisure Industry. Our aim is to open a prestigious 24hr Gym in Kent.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

About me..

My name is Ayrton, I am an experienced entrepreneur with over 7 yrs experience within the Leisure Industry. My aim is to open a prestigious 24hr Gym in Kent.

I have aleays dreamed of owning my own fitness gym, it is something that gives me great passion and determination to run a successful health club that is profitable but also going the extra mile for its members to make sure their experience is of the best they have ever experienced from past and present.

I helped open a Anytime Fitness club in Orpington of which I was General Manager for over the course of 3 years. I built a driven team to drive a 4 week pre-sale and achieve 300 membership sign ups before any signs of development of the gym being built into motion. 

During this time, I had pushed sales in the first 12 months to 870 memberships with a turnover of £31,400 per month via Direct Debit.

This lead to less than 3 months later (15 months) I had hit the total recommended capacity of 1150 members in a 3990sqft facility. 

To top this amazing business start, the business managed to break even within is time.. something that is often unheard of so early on!

Award Winner..

During my 3 years at Anytime Fitness Orpington, I was awarded by Orpington1st, BNI & Bromley Business Awards, Orpington's Best Gym 2014, 2015 & 2016. 


I am keen to achieve this project, as we want a local health club brought into the community offering a premium 24 hour service. Of course, you may be thinking of Pure Gym, who operate on a lower membership fee but take thousands of members even if there gym capacity does not recommend.

My vision is to open an Anytime Fitness Facility which separates us from the 'average' gym providers who do not care for their members, but instead concentrate on the money that has been drawn in.

Straight to the point..

Simply put, I don't have the funding to fulfil the project which is important to us on a number of levels.

I've seen in the past what Crowdfunder can do, so we thought I'd come back and try something different.

I want to use crowdfunding to 'pre-sell' our project to enable us to push forward and meet with Bank Managers of Natwest or HSBC to provide us with the rest of the capital to secure the project.

The total estimated investment for an Anytime Fitness Franchise ranges from £250,000-£300,000 including an initial franchise fee of £30,000, plus VAT. Based on your budget and cash flow, our upfront costs can be minimised by leasing equipment and spreading your 'fit-out' costs into your monthly lease. 

Due to the Global Success of Anytime Fitness and proven business model, Anytime Fitness are partnered with professional financial institutions such as HSBC and NatWest. Giving you the opportunity to access support and get started with a minimum liquid cash requirement as low as £130,000.

My project is 'all or nothing' meaning we have to hit the target in order to recieve the money. Nothing leaves your bank account unless we reach our target so that means we need to all work together to make it happen!!

Discuss Further..

If you wish to discuss my project over the phone or via email please do not hesitate to contact me.