Anything You Can Do

by Isla Sinclair in Penryn, England, United Kingdom

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We’re raising money to create a short magical realist film centred on the deteriorating relationship between two sisters.

by Isla Sinclair in Penryn, England, United Kingdom


We are an all female crew who aim to produce a ten-minute short narrative, that explores the deteriorating relationship between two sisters, who have recently inherited their parents cabaret bar.


Through our two female protagonists Alice and Belle, we want to explore the themes of obsession and jealousy in the hopes of conveying the dangers of striving to be someone else other than yourself. Living in a culture that’s surrounded by social media means we are constantly presented with the ideal image on how to look and live your life. We felt this was an important matter to comment and critique on, as its heavily present in todays culture. Led by an all-female crew, our ambitious story will be approached in the style of magical realism, in order to convey our ideas in a surreal light. Through our visuals and sound we aim to create an unnerving piece of work, that entices the viewer to go back and watch again.


Director: Isla Sinclair

Director from Devon, Isla has been heavily orientated around production and post production and is excited to utilise her skills in her first narrative as Director. Her work is rooted in strong female narratives that deals with relevant issues and she is eager to tell this story. Isla thrives when working in a collaborative environment and feels a huge sense of achievement when completing a project.

Producer: Michelle Lewis

Originally from the Isles of Scilly, Michelle grew up with a passion for story telling in all its forms. She decided to specialise in producing as it puts her organisation skills to the test whilst allowing her a creative input through picking the stories she wants to tell. Having worked on several short films as producer, Michelle thrives on the process that sees a film through from conception to conclusion and is excited to see where the ‘Anything You Can Do’ trail leads.

Director of Photography: Ellie Price

Originally from Stratford-upon-Avon, Ellie is a cinematographer and editor with experience across a variety of films, from narrative shorts and feature films to wildlife and festival documentaries. She is excited to shoot ‘Anything You Can Do’, keen to create beautiful and interesting images that tell a strong, female-led story.

Editor: Grace Mosley

Originally from Sheffield, Grace specialises in both editing and sound design, previous works include traditional narratives, experimental shorts, and dance performance pieces, exploring sensitive topics such as sexuality, grief, and body dysmorphia. Grace is thrilled to work on ‘Anything You Can Do’, eager to play with such a theatrical genre.

Sound Designer: Andrea Klaeboe

From Norway with a passion for sound design, Andrea enjoys experimenting with different ways of telling stories that do not rely purely on visual aspects. She has worked on a variety of experimental shorts and narratives, concerning issues as social expectations and depression. She is looking forward to working on such a dark and stylized story as ‘Anything You Can Do’.



The films that have inspired us, demonstrate visual styles and compositions that will contribute to our overall look and sound. They also showcase strong female performances, ranging from Bette Davies in What Ever Happened to Baby Jane to Alice Lowe in Prevenge. The performances invite us into a world where we get to explore women in complex and interesting roles and we want this to be echoed in our film. The narratives are underpinned with sinister and distrubing layers that unsettles the viewer. This is what we want to achieve through our project and we are really excited to draw from these influential films when making our own. 


Anything You Can Do will be set in a Cabaret bar in Penzance called The Acorn. The style of this location reflects sets seen in films such as Blue Velvet and we drew heavily from its style and atmosphere. The bar includes a lot of features that suited our vision of the film perfectly, such as the black interior and the red velvet curtains. We believe setting our film here will add greater impact visually and really benefit in creating this world. 


Our budget will aim to cover mainly the costs of the locations such as The Acorn bar in Penzance and towards actors. Raising enough money will allow us to hire professional actors who will do the characters and the script justice. We will also put the funds towards transport for the crew, catering for the cast and crew and any extra materials such as props.


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This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

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A credit on the film

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Be one of the first to watch the film. You will receive a digital link and password for the Vimeo page, plus a credit on the film!

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You will receive a hard copy of the film script annotated by the Director, plus all the above rewards!

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