Anton the Cat's Unexpected Lymphoma

by Chiller in Hastings, England, United Kingdom

Anton the Cat's Unexpected Lymphoma
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I need to raise some money to help pay for treatment for the incredibly stealthy cancer it turns out my cat son has.

by Chiller in Hastings, England, United Kingdom


Cancer is a stealthy thing. A body works until it suddenly can't.  Until last Wednesday, my vet and I were convinced that Henrijk the Cat - the handsome brown boy in the photo there - was dying from his longstanding chronic health problems. We'd gone through 3 months of trying desperately to sellotape him together. Everything had failed. And then, for no discernible reason, in spite of god knows how many expensive therapies that had failed, he turned a corner. He's still very frail. But it's looking good. 

But sometimes you're so busy fighting the forest fire, you don't spot the avalanche coming at you from another direction. Anton the Cat - that handsome black and white dollop of magnificence, and Henrijk's brother - went into the vet today for a pretty routine appointment. And it turns out he's got a massive lymphoma.

He might not make it through the surgery tomorrow morning. But there's a decent chance he might. He might have to be PTS anyway. But there's a chance he won't. I have to take that chance. He will almost certainly have to go through chemo (I have no idea how much that might cost and haven't yet factored that into this crowdfunder. This is just for the surgery and tests). 

He's a very fine cat, gentle. So clever. Too clever: there's nothing he can't get into. Big tiger paws you aren't allowed to touch. He has the loose pelt of a bloodhound and the singing voice to match. He climbs up me with his grapple hands and lies with his wedge shaped head in the valley between my boobs, and he gazes at me. I gaze at him. I love him. He loves me. 

If you can help, that would be amazing. Thank you. 

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