Anti Stab Body Warmer

by Craig Stirling in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

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The aim of this project is for us to raise enough money to manufacture the very first 1000 Anti Stab body warmers in the world ever!

by Craig Stirling in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

This idea came about when I turned on the TV around 7 years ago, and on live television I witnessed the aftermath of the murder of drummer Lee Rigby, who was walking home and then attacked by 2 men with machete bladed weapons!
As a Dad and a human being, I had to do something, I started researching Anti Stab Clothing to find that it didn't really exist, except for bulky stab proof vests, and even then they didn't offer very much protection, they had steel or ceramic plates at the time and the wearer only had protection where the plates were located, usually at the front and the rear, they didn't cover the entire torso , and the only form of protection to the wearer was only at the plates, no where else on the garment offered protection, they were also very heavy and restrictive.

4 years ago I started buying fabrics from all over the world, advertised as Anti Stab products, but when I received them they didn't have any Stab protection at all, they only had slash/cut protection and most of them were knitted fabrics.
In January 2020 one of the companies I had bought products from in 2018 contacted me to let me know about a new product they had, and that it may be suitable for the Anti Stab protection I was looking for, I have now been experimenting with this product for around 18 months.

I have developed 4 prototype Anti Stab Bodywarmers with various designs, and I have combined the Anti Stab fabric with another Anti Cut/Slash fabric that I use for the liner construction, the Anti Stab technology is held in place by the Anti Cut/Slash technology meaning that it won't break down, even with multiple blows to the same area.
This technology is very expensive, and costs for us at the moment are around £500 each garment, which is just the cost to buy the Anti Stab and Anti Cut/Slash fabrics, it must be bought in 100m rolls which are thousands of pounds, and we use around 8 metres of Anti Stab per garment and around 4 metres of Anti Cut/Slash, it also has to be specially cut with CNC machines which has further associated costs.

This is the main reason I have started this crowdfunding project, as we need funds to mass produce these, which in turn will hopefully bring the prices down, as we can then buy larger amounts at one time, and hopefully negotiate a better price,  meaning these Anti Stab body warmers will be available to more people and not just the people who can afford to spend the cost of designer jacket, or a new Smart Phone.

Compared to top brands like Moncler, Ralph Lauren, Gucci, Armani, Versace,  Our Anti Stab garments in comparison are still much cheaper, and our garments will protect your major organs in the event of an attack with a bladed weapon and/or bottles, where as the designers mentioned above have NO protection!  We aim to provide fashionable clothing that allows the wearer to have Anti Stab/Slash protection without anyone around you knowing, as it will look like any other bodywarmer worn outside on the street.

Bringing these products into the clothing market will hopefully enable us to reduce the number of serious injuries and deaths cause by knife crime, which in 2019 stood at 39% of ALL homicides in the UK with over 50,000 attacks each year!

Now we are in 2021, the figures are much higher, although I strongly believe we can save hundreds if not thousands of lives, and our product can make a huge difference to people who live in areas with high knife crime rates, people will feel safer on the streets wearing our Anti Stab Bodywarmer knowing they are protected if the worst should happen, they will have valuable minutes and seconds to remove themselves from any danger without being hurt wearing our product.

In my video you will see some of the people who died due to knife crime while I was developing this product, they have been the driving force behind my idea and they have made sure that I never gave up making this product because I never want to see a life lost again due to knife crime, it could be anyone of us next time and as you see in the news, its happening every day in nearly all areas of the UK.

This product is the very first product ever to offer Anti Stab protection to Adults and older Children, knife crime doesn't care how old you are, children as young as 9 have been attacked with blades and sometimes younger, we couldn't save them but we can help save others and make their parents feel a bit happier knowing their children are wearing this protection if the worst were ever to happen.

The protective liner is being patented and we are currently Patent Pending, all designs, technology, including the process for making it, and the applications its used for, are all protected by our patent.

Anyone making a purchase of our "Anti Stab Bodywarmers" you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions which state "That you must NOT buy our product to Re-produce Copied Counterfeit products, and you will not Destroy, Dissect or in anyway shape or form use our product for any other reasons except in the way its meant to be used, as a protective Anti Stab clothing garment.

NB: The Anti Stab fabric takes around 3 months to produce, we have no control over this timescale, so anyone purchasing please take into account it may be a 3 month wait for your delivery from the end date of this crowd funder, we hope to use existing stocks but we have no knowledge of that at this time, until we make the purchase,  so it may be a 3 month wait for your product, however we will endeavour to get your Anti Stab bodywarmer delivered to you as soon as we possibly can.

We also plan to make our Anti Stab liner removable and interchangeable with different colours and styles of bodywarmer, meaning you only have to buy one of the expensive Anti Stab liners,  which you can then use in our other garments,  by making the Anti Stab liner removable it means you can wash your Bodywarmer in the machine exactly the same as other washable clothing garments. 

We have successfully tested our Anti Stab product against:  Knives, Broken Glass & Bottles, Spikes, Syringes, Stanley Type Blades, Claw Hammers, Machete, Meat Clever and Scissors.

NIJ Testing is not available due to Covid restrictions,  but we will have NIJ Testing for the highest level of Anti Stab protection as soon as it's possible for us to do so.

Below is a link to my story in Scotland's national newspaper in December 2020.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, if you could share and help us to generate some awareness we would appreciate it a lot!  Thanks... Craig


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