Anti Litter Alliance

The ALA has hit the ground running by galvanising the community into cleaning up. But the litter keeps coming back. Now it's time to educate

We did it!

On 30th Jan 2018 we successfully raised £25 with 2 supporters in 28 days

The Anti Litter Alliance emerged in Saltash Passage as a response to the tidal wave of litter that blights our beautiful neighborhood. Through our direct action we have cleared our streets and beaches but like King Canute, we watch as the tide rolls in, again and again. We'll keep clearing it because we enjoy getting together and getting our hands dirty. Time and again I hear the statement. 'We need to educate people!' So that's why we want to write and produce a play that will travel to all of the 6 primary schools in our area. The play will be delivered by an experienced group of home educated children. We think this peer led entertainment will provide a powerful platform to get this important message to the community.

We think primary age children are ripe for receiving an anti litter message and being the change in our communities. Older children are a different challenge. They are powerful consumers and plenty of packaging passes through their hands. We want to help them build an intimate relationship with some old technology, we call it 'the bin', its like an App for containing litter until the Council takes it away. We want to produce a multi media message to take to community colleges.

 As new research emerges around the negative impacts of plastic pollution we will not stand idly by, waiting for someone else to clean up after us. ALA Join the resistance!

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