Anti Bullying Community (The APP)

Anti Bullying Community (The APP)

The Anti Bullying Community app will deliver on-demand information and advice to those who are being bullied.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Do you want to be part of something special? We're have made an app that will give you the ability to access on-demand anti-bullying advice and support on IOS or Android. 

My name is Steven Mayers and in 2012 I founded the Anti Bullying Community. We started with just one objective which is to help those being bullied at school and support them in their right to an education without fear of abuse or harassment.

I have bought the group a long way since then but my / our aim has not changed and we are using the full force of our abilitys to make a real difference locally and nationally within the U.K.!

I have created an app which would better enable us to support young people through the power of mobile networking. It's a fact that most children now have mobiles and we can reach out to them through the App Store with an app that's not only well designed but built to be informative and provide easy access to our most used advice.

GRAB this chance now and be part of something special.


App creation and hosting on App Store and Google Play will cost £50 per month and we need to raise enough funds to support us in our first year to make sure we can continue to reach out to people.