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New innovative platform radicalizing crowd-sourcing to help local businesses reach a global market!

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On 12th Aug 2016 we successfully raised £20 with 1 supporter in 95 days

AnteBox is a new social platform, currently available in beta mode on and soon via mobile applications, with innovative consultancy services for businesses that work in a small geographical area.  We work closely with local businesses in order to help them reach a global market; we establish their online presence by building their websites, advertising material and then offer them the opportunity to run advertising campaigns on our platform adjusted to their budget. On our online marketplace, our goal is to make the products appealing and to share the business’s unique story. Products are displayed alongside a video showing the history of the product or a recipe if applicable; they can then be requested by our users from anywhere around the world and delivered by existing customers or simply tourists travelling their way. Hence, a local business can reach a global market without having the expertise, to employ further staff, to set up an export division or to maintain an online shop.

From the users’ perspective, we give the ability to customers to buy products that they always wanted from abroad without having to travel themselves and the opportunity to look further into different cultures and flavours as each product’s origin will be emphasized. Travellers will also have the opportunity to visit these unique places while they will be offered extra discounts that will encourage them to deliver the products to the customers.

Our objective is to set-up the platform and on-board businesses from Cyprus, Serbia and the United Kingdom within the first two years of operation. In the following years, in order to expand, we will enable businesses to log in and on-board their own products following our online guidance. If needed, visits will also be arranged to promote and assist businesses to on-board their products in new countries.

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