Antarctic Circles

Project by fluxperpetuafilms

An exhibition of songs, photography and sculptural books inspired by the environment, wildlife and cultural heritage of Antarctica.

We did it!

On 31st Jul 2015 we successfully raised £1,090 of £500 target with 37 supporters in 56 days

New stretch target

Thank you for supporting Antarctic Circles.

The money we raise above our target will mean that we can fully cover the costs of making and presenting the Antarctic Circles music and artwork; we also hope tp be able to tour and present the work in other venues next year. 

Thank you for helping make this project happen, it means a lot to us. 
We're looking forward to sharing the exhibition with you!

Project aim


Hello we’re Lucy and Adele. We’re working together to create an exhibition of songs, photography and sculptural books inspired by the environment, wildlife and cultural heritage of Antarctica.

As you may know Antarctica is protected by an international treaty that preserves the continent as a place of peace and scientific research where the natural environment is protected from exploitation. The name of our exhibition, Antarctic Circles, takes inspiration from the circular 60° southern line of latitude that defines the extent and boundary of the Antarctic Treaty.

For the exhibition Lucy is writing, performing and recording new songs; and Adele is making sculptural books and plans to show photographs taken whilst working as Expedition Photographer in Antarctica this year and last. 
The circular theme has provided a creative structure for our work. There are circular song structures and rhythms in Lucy’s work; and all of the sculptural books are based on circles and spherical forms.
We’ve been working together on the ideas for the content of our work over several months and we’re now finalizing plans for the first exhibition in October this year.
We need your support in helping us to professionally present the exhibition.
Your pledges will contribute to meeting the costs of:
- a musician and technician to provide the guitar accompaniment to Lucy’s singing and to professionally record her songs
- creating a sound booth where people can listen to the songs as part of the exhibition
- printing and framing the photographs to archive quality standards
- publicising the exhibition  
The work will be first shown at the Barbican Library in London. We’re really excited about this because the Barbican is such a superb cultural centre and the library is known for its fantastic music lending collection: it’s the most visited library in the city district. 
After London we’ll show the work in our home county of West Yorkshire at The Art Works in Halifax in 2016. We’re already in conversations with other possible venues to tour the work around the country especially to places with links to Antarctic or maritime heritage.
We’d appreciate any level of support you feel you can give and hope that you will enjoy the rewards we’re offering in return. 
We’ve set our goal quite modestly in the hope of exceeding it: the more we raise the better job we can do in presenting and publicising the artwork and exhibition.
Thank you for your interest and your support.
Perhaps your friends, family and colleagues will be interested in this project: please feel free to share this page.
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