Answers for Arran - A Private Assessment

by Alicia in Bolton Le Sands, England, United Kingdom

Answers for Arran - A Private Assessment
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Arran, a 6 year old boy from Carnforth is needing funds raised for a life changing private Autism Assessment in light of local funding cuts.

by Alicia in Bolton Le Sands, England, United Kingdom

The little boy above is my middle son, Arran, he’s six years old. The laughing smiling boy of summer 2017 has slipped silently away, lost to anxiety, confusion and social isolation. 

Born in 2011, Arran has always struggled with his development, and since he was 3, he has displayed all the diagnostic traits of an Autistic Spectrum Condition. This has meant he has difficulties in four key areas: Social interaction, communication, flexibility of thought and sensory mannerisms.

The most basic day to day tasks can prove frightening, frustrating and baffling to Arran, so before he even leaves the house to start the day, Arran is often in a state of high anxiety.

Funding cuts have let us down

Central Government and Local Government funding cuts and loss of services in Lancashire, where Arran lives, mean he receives no additional support either at home or school. He struggles with his peers and is often bullied or singled out for his odd language, vocal tics and strange flapping movements. His current school are wonderfully supportive and have gone above and beyond with what they can do, but despite this he is behind academically by nearly two years as the classroom environment is a strange world of sudden noises, bright lights and filled with people that make little or no sense to him.

The most recent blow to his care is the closure of the diagnostic pathway for Autistic Spectrum Conditions in Lancaster and Morecambe. In short there are currently no services available for the assessment and treatment for children like Arran and no timescale set to resolve it. Without a diagnosis, Arran doesn’t have access to services he desperately needs, or medication to help manage anxiety or his sleep disorder.

As his mother, I felt that could not be where everyone gave up on that laughing smiling boy - we have to get him back. So I did some research, got recommendations and found a private clinic in the Midlands, The Family Psychologist Clinic, who are willing to assess (Full Autism MDT Diagnostic Assessments to the Gold Standard in accordance with the NICE guidelines), diagnose, medicate and treat where needed, so that we can begin to get Arran the treatment and care that he deserves and needs. All we want is our happy, smiling and caring boy back.

Why use CrowdFunder?

The cost of this assessment is £2500, not something I have ready access to and as a full time carer to my youngest son Finley, we don't have the means to pay for something like this. The full assessment entails 6 seperate appointments for Arran and I to attend, and the cost of just the travel to and from those would be difficult enough.

I am a proud parent to my 3 wonderful boys, but where my children are concerned I am not above asking anyone for help. If you can and want to please leave a small donation and should the laughing smiling boy ever return I shall post pictures up and down the land so that everyone can see the benefits their generosity have bought my wonderful, darling boy.

Any donation, no matter how small is gratefully received and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for any help this will give him.

Thanks, Alicia x


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£30 or more

A BIG thank you from a little guy

A letter of thanks from our wonder boy himself and notification when his final assessment report is with us and the findings

£50 or more

A BIG thank you from the little guy and art work!

A personalised letter for our superstar and a picture drawn with love, enthusiasm and carnage to my dining table will be thrown in for extra thanks!

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