Another Textbook Operation

Another Textbook Operation

Ibba Girls School, South Sudan has no text books for class P7. We aim to provide 250 textbooks for these eager students.

We did it!

On 7th Nov 2016 we successfully raised £760 with 25 supporters in 35 days

"The fastest way to change society is to mobilise the women of the world" - Charles Malik

When South Sudan be came independent in 2011 all the schools were issued with  text books to support the education of students in this newest of nations.  Ibba Girls School, a UK charity funded school came into being in 2013,  by which time all the books had been distributed and there are now non available.

Through the  generous contributions of individuals in the UK,  the arrival of the textbooks at the school  last year made a big impact on teaching and learning.  The students in primary 5 and 6  no longer have to rely on the teacher writing all the notes on the board. The teachers can concentrate on assisting students in the classroom rather than copying notes from a single borrowed textbook and  the students  have the opportunity to read and study from their own books.

As the girls move up a year we now need to provide text books for primary 7. 

The 250 text books will be printed in the UK and taken to the school by UK volunteers.

The Ibba girls try out their propellers made from a leaf and a stick. 

We aim to make learning active and fun.

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