Annul Scottish General Election Results

Annul Scottish General Election Results

Ask The High Court in London to appoint an independent commissioner to investigate MSP interference in the general election and to annul it.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I want to petition The High Court in London to annul the Scottish general election results.

A UK general election is about reserved UK matters, such as Defence, Immigration, Foreign policy.

The election in Scotland was turned into a local fight between MSP leaders, totally ignoring the bigger picture. During the election, MSPs raced out of Holyrood to campaign. This spectacle was feasted upon by the media who couldn't get enough of public cat fights between the Holyrood "handbags". 

Holyrood was not in recess. That institution has done no work since it was re-elected in 2016. The only piece of work done was to call for Indyref 2.

The MPs who were elected should not have benefitted from the shambles of the fiasco of "Scottish manifestos", party leaders not elected to Westminster squabbling on television, and talk of independence, domestic affairs devolved to Holyrood, and the entire UK reserved agenda totally sidelined.

I want to challenge all of the election results in Scotland by asking The High Court in London to convene a commission to examine what just happened. The independent commission will be asked to consider annulling all Party candidates, reverse the election of MPs and to suspend Holyrood until political order is restored and it's current political leaders replaced. Holyrood is a devolved assembly, it had no business   interfering with the General Election.

I stood as an all-issue independent candidate in the general election in East Lothian. By asking the High Court to annul the election result here, all constituency results will be called into question. Holyrood should be suspended and devolution put on hold until a new order is issued to ban MSPs from interfering with future UK elections  for Westminster.  MSP leaders are not the leaders of UK MPs and should not be permitted to operate packs of MPs in Westminster.

Please donate to my fund to petition The High Court to annul the election, to rerun the general election without MSP interference, and to call Holyrood to account. We need a Scottish parliament that works for everyone in Scotland, passing good, progressive legislation. We need MPs who work for the UK and who are not in the pocket of the junior parliament and it's leaders who cannot be bothered to stand for Westminster.  Scotland deserves better.