Anna and Toby

Anna and Toby

Raising funds to make sure Anna and Toby don't need to spend another night on the streets in the rain again.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I don't know if many of you will know Anna or Toby, if you are a local to nottingham and go on night outs in which case you probably have met them without even asking their names. 

Anna is one of the kindest sweetest souls I have ever met, I met her through promoting on a night whilst she totters round looking for anything anyone can help her out with. She's not rude, she never asks any staff or anyone who clearly working. Anna's a wonderfully optimistic person who brings out the best in people but also has to deal with a lot of awful people that are cruel to her, me and my boyfriend found her the other night, in the pouring rain so distressed because of how people had been treating her. That was the moment that we realised something had to change. 

Toby her dog has such a good temperament, he even carries his own lead. Anna cares for this dog more than anything in the whole world, in fact in the pouring rain she was trying to put her raincoat on him to keep him warm and dry.

I haven't delved into her story, I don't want to come on strong and scare her and to be honest unless she wants to tell me I don't really need to know, all I need to know is that she's kind and she doesn't deserve to be treated the way she is.

I like Anna which is rare for me because I don't trust people easily but she's so genuine. I consider Anna as my friend and would you let a friend sleep rough? No. Especially a human being as kindhearted as her. I don't know how much money I will raise for her but I'm going to try my best because this girl deserves a lot more than the world has given her.