Anime and Comic Shop

Anime and Comic Shop

My project aim is to open a comic and anime shop

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

What my plan is;

My idea is to open an anime and card game shop, where you can get Japanese and USA comics as well as card games of all types.

I also wish to bring in new comic writers and illustrators to the shop to showcase their work and provide a platform for newer titles in a busy industry.

About me;

My name is Duncan Smith and I have been an anime fan for over 20 years now.

I have worked in retail,warehouse distribution and the education sector as well as running on own card printing business for a number of years.

Now I am looking for a new change in starting up my own shop.

Other thing I will be doing to begin with;

I will be doing card games tournaments

Comic reading clubs with discussions for new and older readers.

One off items from all aspects the shop covers.

A table and space for visitors to try out what’s on offer with help from the staff

And many other things in the pipeline

How much im looking for

I will need £47,000 to open the shop

£20,000 will be spent on doing the shop up and the other £27,000 will be for the stock for the shop.