Animals Abroad that need Help and Re Homing

by Shirley Anne Goode and Tanya Schneider in United Kingdom

Animals Abroad that need Help and Re Homing


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We aim to raise funding to help animal shelters/rescue organisations abroad to alleviate cruelty and suffering and to enable re homing

by Shirley Anne Goode and Tanya Schneider in United Kingdom


Gandhi taught that nonviolence begins with what we eat. “To my mind,” he said, “I hold that the more helpless a creature, the more entitled it is to protection by man from the cruelty of man.” In his total commitment to nonviolence, Gandhi always included the animals.

The famous quotation above by Mahatma Gandhi is sadly not reflected across the world.  Animal cruelty is seemingly on the increase in some countries and Shelters and rescue organisations are finding the pressures unbelievably difficult.  Some are having to close, leaving no sanctuary for the thousands of animals that depend on them for life itself. Supporters in the UK and from other countries offer limited financial support on an individual or collective basis but it is simply not enough!

Shelters provide rescue for animals in distress, including those that are beaten and abandoned, starving, homeless, ill and wounded. Shelters are run by volunteers who have a total commitment to the animals they house and support but the costs of doing this in real terms are high and not without personal sacrifice. The financial cost includes, but is not exclusive to:

  • travel costs of rescue
  • equipment to transport and facilities to house
  • food and care on a daily basis
  • veterinary costs and ongoing medication
  • buildings and space for exercise
  • isolation spaces
  • bedding that continually needs replacing
  • a sterilisation and vaccination programme
  • products for cleaning and treatment
  • bathing facilities
  • protective clothing
  • refrigeration and food storage


Time is also a major feature for abused animals, that most precious commodity when supporting an abused and petrified animal who has suffered at the hands of mankind.  Even when a physical recovery can be achieved an emotional recovery takes much longer.  For an animal to be suitable for re homing it is a necessary outcome. The workers at the Shelters are a crucial component in giving the time necessary, in offering care and compassion where it is most needed.

Rescuers often have to go into dangerous and unsanitary conditions that many of us would shy away from.  It is only with a total commitment and determination to save an animal or animals that many of them are saved from a slow and painful death. We can not imagine the situations, the horror stories or the brutality.  For an example of this we can turn to the Galgo in Spain.  A hunting dog used by the Galguero, the hunter.  When the Galgo becomes old or infirm or does not deliver prey there remains a practice of the Galguero to hang and tie the dog in the branches of a tree with its feet skittering on the ground.  A fire is lit beneath the feet of the dog and it is burned, often to death but the release of death does not always occur. The suffering is unimaginable....little or nothing is done to stop it. There are parts of Spain where this prehistoric practice is still significantly continued and the cries and screams of the Galgo can be heard all around.  Other Galgos who can no longer serve their master are abandoned, brutalised or just left to die.  Thankfully, younger generations in Spain are starting to fight back and organisations are working hard to bring cases to Court and to offer Shelters but again funding is much needed.

In Egypt, Romania and Russia, animals have no rights and every day horror stories emerge.  Some Shelters house several hundred animals at one time. There is nowhere else. Others are smaller but in a rescue and for such organisations every animal life does matter.  In some instances it is one individual that has managed to find a way of helping street dogs.  In Russia the volunteers often have to work in secret as there is a fear of the consequences if their work is exposed.

We know that £10,000 can not fund every Shelter or every animal in need and all of our current efforts will focus on Spain, Egypt, Romania and Russia.  In these countries we know Shelters that are crying out for help to support their ongoing work and where the need is genuine and proven. The money we seek to raise will thus make a massive difference and a huge contribution to animals and their ongoing welfare.


The UK receives many animals from abroad each year and provides a wonderful home for a dog that may never have had one before.  Regulations for transport have changed and are more difficult now but still so very much needed. New owners help with transportation costs and this is invaluable in the re homing process but there is still internal transport and preparation required for every animal.

Overall, we want to support the process that starts with rescue and shelter and ends up with a viable home where this is a possibility. Some animals remain in a Shelter for many years of their life because there is no other choice.  The ongoing cost of this is again significant .  A financial contribution will be used for the purpose of emergency rescue work and ongoing animal care in the most severe cases of abuse and neglect.  It will also be used to support the cost of finding a home in the UK, where this is possible.

We are enclosing some photographs that some may find upsetting but have refrained from showing some of the shocking images that all too often reflect the reality.  Rescue dogs and cats bring happiness to so many people and surely every single one of them deserves the same.  Please help to support our mission in helping the Shelters do what they do best, saving and protecting animal life. Without them, the world would surely be a poorer place. Give generously if you can but every single £ will make a difference to an animal and every one of them surely deserves shelter and care.  Please HELP US to make that difference as we can not do this alone.








Animals are rescued from abroad because there is often no other option for them and they have no chance to ever live in a home or to ever be loved.  If you love dogs, you love dogs from any country, not just your own and we want to help dogs that are in need, from anywhere, from all places. If rescues didnt intervene many dogs would be dead but instead they are saved from kill shelters, the streets, from cruelty and abandonment, torture and poisoning and given their chance of life.

This last picture is one of our own dogs that was rescued from Spain and brought to the UK, in fact delivered to the front door and brought into the house. He was living in a field with other dogs that the owner was going to shoot because he wanted to sell the land. Rescue organisations stepped in to save the dogs, ensured they were all treated by a Vet, vaccinated etc,  bathed and cleaned before the re homing process started. Who could fail to love this beautiful dog who was given his chance here in the UK?


Please help us to give many more dogs their CHANCE OF LIFE


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