Animal Neighbours

Animal Neighbours aims to tackle the human-animal conflict problem using research and awareness.

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Project aim

Animal Neighbours aims to tackle the human-animal conflict problem in Malaysia using research and awareness.

About the project

Animal neighbours is a non profit community project inspired by on-going research at the Uni of Surrey and aims to tackle human animal conflict using education and research. Animal Neighbours current project is in Malaysia where an awareness and education program is needed to address the increasing problem of human-monkey conflict in urban areas, to avoid poor management choices like trapping and shooting.

Sadly, 100,000 monkeys were shot dead in 2013 as a means to handle the problem of human wildlife conflict. We are currently conducting research to better understand how to tackle this issue with proper scientific evidence. Together with this, we intend to conduct an awareness campaign to educate people living close to animals or tourist who encourage feeding behaviour. By doing this, the issue can be addressed from the grassroots as it is very important to create awareness about this issue. We need support to be able to conduct this awareness campaign.

Our members include students from the Veterinary School at the University of Surrey who are involved in fundraising and designing education materials for the awareness campaigns. The funding will be used to produce the education materials as well as to assign local ambassadors that can keep the awareness torch going at the local communities. We also intend to create a children's storybook about human-animal conflict and how important it is to share spaces with animals as children are the future. 

Please support us so that we can do something about how animals are being treated and help people appreciate the importance of space sharing with animals!




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