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Please help us in raising vital funds to ensure Exeter University Theatre Company's production of Animal Farm can go ahead this January!

We did it!

On 4th Dec 2016 we successfully raised £1,900 with 69 supporters in 28 days

Exeter University Theatre Company (EUTCO) is as student run Theatre Company based at the University of Exeter. This January we will be performing a bold and innovative production of ‘Animal Farm’ at the Exeter Northcott Theatre, based on George Orwell's 1945 classic novel. To cover our costs and make the production possible we are seeking to raise £3000.

About the show

‘Animal Farm’ – the history of a revolution that went wrong - is George Orwell's brilliant satire on the corrupting influence of power. Anticipated to be an exciting, energetic and creative adaptation, the show will explore how idealistic political views can easily be exploited and hijacked by propaganda. Can anyone ever truly be equal?

On his return from school, a GCSE student reads George Orwell’s classic novel and as the story ignites around him, he becomes absorbed by the action of the animal rebellion. However, he soon finds his control of the classic tale and familiar characters spiraling dangerously beyond him, as the ideals of the uprising are corrupted and forgotten.

This visually engaging and stimulating adaptation, underscored by live original music, will incorporate physical theatre and puppetry taking inspiration from companies such as Kneehigh and directors such Sally Cookson to transform this familiar tale into a theatrical and exciting drama.

Why we need your help

Staging a production of this scale for a University Theatre Company is an enormous undertaking. To outline why we desperately need to raise £3000 for our production, here are some examples of our creative team's visions:

Set Construction:

"We are hoping to construct a scaffolding frame in the stage area to create multiple levels which will then be clad in wood and hessian to create a rustic feel."

Lighting Design:

"We wish to purchase some dimmable light bulbs to be hung above the set that will add a unique, dynamic depth to the space, giving its own creative spark to the production."

Special Effects:

"We will be creating life sized animal puppets from scratch, using colour schemes that blend with our set and mainly recyclable materials to suit the aesthetic of our stage."


"In the props department we are trying to source everything from wicker baskets for carrying puppies, to washing lines and bicycles. Whilst most of our props are hand made, recycled from previous shows or donated, we need to source many unique items to make the show a success!"


"Money will be spent on custom fit gloves and individual costumes such as headdresses for the dogs which will be made from dyed muslin for each character. It is also necessary to further source clothing from charity shops, such as jackets and hats to represent the humans."

To give you a bit more information about our overheads, please see below an outline of the costs involved in producing 'Animal Farm', figures are based on our previous Northcott productions:

In addition to this Crowdfunding campaign, we have lots of other exciting fundraising opportunities and events planned in the run up to the production including bake sales, pub quizzes, a prohibition party and a talent competition. We have also applied for a £2000 Annual Fund Grant from the University. On top of this, we will be fundraising in Exeter City Centre to ensure we engage a wider demographic within the local area beyond University students. 

A little bit about EUTCO

As the largest theatre society on campus, we perform our annual production at the Northcott Theatre, one of the largest arts venues in the southwest. As a company, we are committed to ensuring students here at the University have access to the dramatic art, whether this is through acting roles on the stage or countless production opportunities behind the scenes. We are a coherant group of creative, likeminded individuals, creating professional drama in a focused and driven manner.

On top of our Northcott production, we stage smaller shows throughout the year including pieces of new writing from students studying at the University. EUTCO's reputation for delivering serious, focused drama has grown greatly over the last few years, performing Northcott shows such as 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest' (Jan 2015) and 'Angels in America Part 1' (Jan 2016). Animal Farm is going to be no exception, and we can't wait to perform in January 2017!

To find examples of all our previous work please feel free to visit our new website: http://eutco.org.uk/

The Exeter Northcott Theatre

The University of Exeter is very lucky to have a professional theatre right on our doorstep at the heart of our Streatham campus and we are delighted to stage our January production here every year. Performing at the Exeter Northcott Theatre provides our members with a fantastic opportunity to gain first hand experience working alongside skilled theatre makers in an industry venue. With over 450 seats, the theatre attracts a diverse audience of students and local residents alike, creating a vibrant environment for both new work and established touring productions.

Thank you for your support!

In order to achieve our production aims, we would be eternally grateful for your help and support. Whatever amount you can give, big or small, every donation is wholeheartedly appreciated. In return we can offer you some fantastic rewards ranging from posters and programmes to tickets and delicious midshow ice creams!  

Thank you again, see you in January 2017! 

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