"Animal Realm", An Ode To The Beauty Of Animals

by Bernardo Carrara in Tunbridge Wells, England, United Kingdom


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Help, through art, raise awaireness in the community to the animal condition by holding a painting exhibition celebrating animals.

by Bernardo Carrara in Tunbridge Wells, England, United Kingdom

Crowfunding campain for this exhibition project

Art exhibition crowfunding prject


Loulou In The Jungle, 2015. Acrylic painting 4'X5'

I have been fascinated by animals since my early childhood and from then on my interest in them has continuous grown. It was only natural, that being an artist,  I would one day want to hold an event celebrating the beauty of these wonderful beings. The project "Animal Realm" is an artistic ode to the beauty of animals living in that world. I will be presenting on the 30th of April until the12th of  May 2019 an art exhibition consisting of 15 acrylic paintings. The event will be held at Trinity Art Gallery, a community art venue situated in Tunbridge Wells UK .

The world where animals live hold  many mysteries to our eyes and misconceptions regarding them abound anongst humans. They are often viewed as precarious beings, living unhappy lives in a realm filled with suffering and ignorance. While it is true that for most of the beings in the animal realm life is quite uncertain, short and full of struggle, certainty about their personals lives is far from understood. We know that they have only rudimentary language and that they possess limited potential to learn. We might conclude from this that they are incapable of having deep feelings. Many people stil consider them as inferior beings or commodities that are there only to satisfy their needs. If we try to observe them with an open mind we can see that contrary to this widespread belief they do display many different kinds of feelings in many instances. For example, they can express fear at being hurt and love in caring for their siblings.  Humans have in fact much to learn from them and can even draw comfort from simply being in their presence and accepting them as equal.
The Buddha once said: “All beings tremble before violence. All love life. All fear death. “ 

On The Terrace, 2019.  Acrylic painting 18"x24"
An eerie painting of my beloved pet snake ‘Beelzebub’

Each of my paintings presented in the exhibition "Animal Realm" is like a 'snapshot' depicting a moment in the life of an animal. While mostly imaginary, the scenes shown take their inspiration from true life experiences. They are painted using a wide palette of vivid colours applied freely on the canvass using bold brushstrokes reminiscent of the Post Expresionnist Artists while the choice and treatment of the subject matter share similarities with that found comonly in Naïve and Pop Art.

In sharing these very personal paintings I want to encourage the viewer to acquire a more open and wide understanding of the beings living in the animal realm and see the close affinity we have with all who share the gift of life. And in sharing this planet with them we do have a responsibility for caring for their wellbeing. Understanding that our negative actions are chiefly the cause of the suffering animals have to endure in their lives (destruction of habitat, pollution, farming, hunting practices, etc.). I beleive that by showing animals more compassion and love we ourselves are rewarded with a happier and more meaningful life.

Leopard Near A River,  2019. Acrylic painting 60"x40"

Event budget and benefit for donors: 

A part from the high cost of art materials, organizing an art exhibition requires quite a bit of money, a commodity that I, being an artist, unfortunately don't have enough of. With the help of this Crownfunder campaign I hope to raise enough money to cover part of the cost of the 2 weeks hire period at the gallery where the exhibition will be staged (the hire cost represent roughtly half the total cost for making this project a reality). The goal of this campain is to raise 350 GBP.

In return for the contributions to the project "Animal Realm" I will be mailing signed postcard and/or poster of the exhibition to all the donors depending on the amount donated (who knows maybe they could be worth a lot of money in the future?). For a donation of up to 10GBP  the donor will receive a postcard; between 10-50 GBP a color A4size poster + a postcard; over 50GBP a set of 6 different postcards + a poster; more than 50GBP a limited édition giclée print + postcard.
Each donor will also be entitled to a 20% discount on the purchase price of any of my art.

In helping to make this exhibition project become a reality you will  be also helping inderectly  conservation initiatives carried in the world (I will be donating personaly 20% of any all sales of art I make during this exhibition to the WWF, an organization dedicated to the wellbeing of our wildlife and the conservation of natural habitats).

There will be an Art Opening/Public View  of "Animal Realm" on the
30 April 17:30-19:30. The exhibition will run untill the 12th of May 2019 and be held at Trinity Theatre Gallery, Tunbridge Wells, TN1 1JP   UK. 

The artist in his studio painting "Coming Home" (2018). Acrylic painting 18"X24"

Who’s befriending who? The artist with ‘Buckets’ the crow (1995, Quebec, Canada)

Biography: I am a visual artist utilizing the medium of painting, printmaking (silk screening, digital art) and photography to express myself.  While mainly immaginary my art draw it's inspiration from true life experiences.

My professional artist career began in1984. I studied painting and silk screening in college and university and hold degrees in graphic design, photography and natural science (MSc).

I have participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions in Canada and Europe."Animal Realm" will be my first show featuring solely paintings.
My art can be found in private and public collections (National Library Of Canada, National Library Of Quebec, Musuem Of Sherbrooke - Canada and  US Library Of Congress).


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