Animal Care for cats in Greece Fund Raiser

by Isabel de Castro Cardoso in Chorley, England, United Kingdom

Animal Care for cats in Greece Fund Raiser


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My aim of this fundraiser is to help me raise some funds to assist me in the continuation of caring for the cats in Greece

by Isabel de Castro Cardoso in Chorley, England, United Kingdom

Dear animal lovers.

I live in Crete Island for the past 12 years.  I was a tourist but i stood behind to help animals, mainly cats in great need. 

I have now 39 cats and 3 dogs. In the beginning all went smooth as i had some savings, but quickly they start going towards cat food medicine Vet bills and neutering.

Even though I'm a highly qualified Therapist in many fields, salaries here in Hotel Spas are very very low and barely enough to survive on them. I live here alone as my family lives in Portugal and my son in England. I will never abandon my dear cats and dogs to seek a wealthy life in another country as i easily could. As the years went buy, my struggle to survive with hardly no money has become very difficult. Then the Corona virus came to worsen the condition, to everyone. I live in very primitive conditions in a little house  of 33m2  in the middle of nowhere without electricity and other facilities. Because of lack of money to meet all the monthly payments, I got my car insurance and roadworthy outdated.

So I got 2 fines. One of 200 € and one of 500€. With the help of some dear friends, i managed to buy the insurance and still save 200€. But im still short 500€.

They do not allow me to pay it little by little as the 10 days they gave me to allow me to pay  this way have expired. But i need my car desperately, not for my things, as I never go any where and there are buses, but if there is an emergency and I need to take my animals to the Vet, i will not be able to do it, and if it is a serious condition, it could have a bad ending.  I know it's very dangerous to drive without the insurance and roadworthy, but when money is not there, things get behind. The help I've been getting from my dear friends goes all to them.

I got used to live with nothing and just some little food. 

You are very welcome to enter my Facebook page to see my posts with my animals. Isabel de Castro Cardoso.

I thank you all in advance  for any help you could give me.

I Have to use my Sons details from UK to set this page up as it does not accept applications from Greece

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