We're setting up a series of Animal Allotments on our Somerset Smallholding initially focusing on Pigs & hoping to expand in the future.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

My name is Jamie Jensen. I am a chef and a farmer and father to four fantastic children. I haven’t always been a chef – eight years ago I worked in IT, then my first son was born and everything changed. Out went the sports cars and holidays, the ‘throw it on the plate’ dinners and the weekends (and weeknights!) down the pub. Whereas I had often chosen the green option before now I had someone that needed good food, proper nourishment and a healthy planet to grow up on.

Fast forward to 2016 and I have a few acres in Somerset on which I raise rarebreed pigs, keep bees and produce a small amount of fruit and veg. I also work in local restaurant and have a small catering business, Flaming Good Food. Through telling our story to many people we became aware that there is a lot of interest in raising animals that are traceable from the field to the plate, and that many of you would like to be more involved with it. Through research we found that there is a small but growing Animal Allotment movement, and we’re making steps to be part of it.

On our smallholding, located a lovely 5-minute walk along the picturesque trail between Middlezoy & Othery and just a short drive from Burrowbridge we are building a series of enclosures which will give you the ability to gain as much experience as you want in raising animals, starting in 2016 with our rarebreed pigs. We'll do the hard work, making sure the animals welfare needs are exceeded while you can come and connect with your animal, gain the experience of handling them if you like, of watching them grow, developing a new respect for the food on your plate.

You can support us by purchasing one of the pledges, which range from £5 for a Free Pizza to £300 for one of the animal allotments for a season, or you could share this link with your friends, tweet about us or print a poster and put it up on your local or work noticeboard. By doing so you are helping to conserve a traditional British breed of animal, which evolved with our landscape and in harmony with our environment.

You could be one of the growing number of people who want to know where their food comes from and what exactly is in it, who wants to cut out the factories and the middlemen or maybe you just want to get some quality produce at a reasonable price, either way we’d like to help, and you can help us by pledging and sharing the word.

Why we need to raise £3470

Infrastructure: £1421.33

Animal Housing: £815.32

Animal Feed: £830.40

Fees & Insurance: £402.95


An example of size & layout of one of the enclosures - 360 sq ft of piggy paradise! 

Details of the pledges

 Pizza & Gift Vouchers for Flaming Good Food:

These will be emailed/mailed to you and can be used at any venue we are catering, whether that is our regular Monday night slot at Othery Village Hall or at any music or food festival we attend. You can also use the gift vouchers towards booking us for your event, be it a wedding, disco, street party, birthday or teambuilding or training event. More details of where you can find us can be found on the Flaming Good website.

 Our Summer BBQ: 

A range of meaty, vegetarian and vegan dishes from our farm and our friends farms, cooked and served on our Somerset smallholding, We are planning music, ale, cider and seasonal infused cocktails. It's a party not to be missed! Date & Time to be confirmed.

 Naming Rights of one of the Allotments:

You could have your own name, your mother-in-laws, your company or just a peace message on one of the allotments for the whole season. 

 Pork Selection Box: 

A selection of cuts from one of our herd-raised rarebreed pigs, to be collected at our Summer BBQ (Ticket included).

 Wood-fired Cookery Course: 

Come to our Somerset Smallholding (or another venue subject to suitability) and learn how to build a wood-fired oven on our all day course. We'll also teach you how to cook everything from bread to pizza, steak, vegetables and slow-roast meats in it... in fact we'll be cooking your lunch and dinner too!

 Raise a pig of your own on our Animal Allotment:  

This is what it's all about - gain valuable experience and memories of a lifetime while growing your own food and supporting rarebreed, traditional British livestock. We do all the hard work which affords you the time to have fun and relax in your Somerset Animal Allotment. It takes 4-5 months for your animal to reach weight at which time all you need to do is decide what cuts of meat you would like. You also have the option to raise a second or third pig in the same allotment at a much reduced cost. 

 Hands off rarebreed pig: 

We raise a traditional British rarebreed pig and after 4-5 months you get a full pork selection box. It doesn't get simpler than that.

 Organic Feed Upgrade: 

All of our pigs are raised with milled feed from local sources such as the family run Crediton Mill in Devon, however if you'd like certified Organic and GM-free feed it's no problem for us to arrange this.


Connecting people to their food and putting a story on their plates - please Buy a Pledge and Spread the Word!