An Hours Walk: A short film by Penny Productions

An Hours Walk: A short film by Penny Productions

We are in the pre-production stages of the new short film, An Hours Walk. We need to raise money to help us fund our project.

We did it!

On 14th Nov 2017 we successfully raised £262 of £250 target with 17 supporters in 40 days

The film is going to be 20 minutes long and is centred around an elderly man, Albert and a young girl, Charlotte. Albert will be living in an abandoned train carriage as he has done for many years, he walks into the town once a week for supplies. One day he is followed home by Charlotte who does not speak. He tells her to get lost and to go back home but she refuses and eventually he invites her in. He offers to take her back to town the next time he goes and she can stay with him until then. However she is being searched for and eventually the authorities find them, he is arrested and she is taken away back to her foster parents. She still does not speak until the final scene where they look at each other one last time with fear in their eyes and she simply says, 'help'.

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