An Honest Bartender - Scottish Craft Discovery

by An Honest Bartender in Inverness, Scotland, United Kingdom

An Honest Bartender - Scottish Craft Discovery


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The aim is to increase the exposure of products from scotland in the drinks industry to the wider public by tasting, without bias

by An Honest Bartender in Inverness, Scotland, United Kingdom

About Me:

An Honest Bartender was born of the idea that the drink industry is needing a voice that is without bias or a points system, giving honest reviews based on a long served bartenders tasting in the hope it inspires others to look beyond the label, enjoying the liquid for what it is. 


A few friends and clients have asked my recommendations over the years on various products and enjoying the exposure to different styles and new breweries that they would never have thought of before. This will be the one stop place for trying something new without the issue of trial and error.

What is our aim?:

The aim is to create a discovery selection box showing off 6 breweries per box, 6 different styles, from across Scotland. Once established, the aim is to expand into doing regional boxes and style specific boxes, and ultimately a subscription service tailored along one of these routes. Really showcasing Scottish craft brewers with their beers that aren't too readily available

What is the plan?:

With the pledges made, the money will be used to

-Create eco- friendly packaging

-Branded beer glasses (exclusively for pledgers and limited release)

-First box stock purchasing

-Any Legal wrangling

-Detailed tasting card for each beer in the box

With Scotland being the vast country filled with such amazing regional individuality, we want to promote the producers within all 5 corners of this great country.

As a result of your pledges:

With hospitality closed, the supply chain is now relying on the public stumbling across them. Small independent breweries in particular which are relying on word of mouth mostly. With your support for this Crowdfunder in turn supports the following:

-Scottish craft brewing scene doing what they do best.:

-Keeps a graphics designer in a job.

-Keeps a Scottish delivery company running.

-Keeps a Scottish Bartender sharing his love of craft beer.

What you get in return:

-£10 pledge gifts you 2 branded beer glasses to enjoy your most favourite tipple

-£25 pledge gifts you a Discovery box of 6 scottish craft beers of varying styles from different amazing breweries; a branded glass to enjoy these beers and access to a tasting session of these beers.

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