Angus Autism Awareness Team

The Angus Autism Awareness Team are raising money for Virtual Reality equipment to be used at our staff and pupil training workshops.

We did it!

On 6th Jun 2017 we successfully raised £726 with 15 supporters in 56 days

This Crowdfunder has ended! If you would like to donate to the team you can email us at to organise to pay either via PayPal or Invoice.

Who are the Angus Autism Awareness Team?

We are a group of pupils in Angus who are currently working on raising awareness about Autism Spectrum Disorders with Education in the Angus area. We aim to provide staff workshops and pupil assemblies.

The Angus Autism Awareness Team are raising money for the following items;

  • Pixel Smartphone
  • Daydream View Virtual Reality Headset
  • Pixel Phone Case

These items are to be used across Angus schools in our staff workshops and pupil assemblies to raise awareness and understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorders. The equipment will allow us to use an app from the National Autistic Society to put the user in the place of an autistic person. 

The team has already hosted a test staff workshop which did not include Virtual Reality and it went extremely well with the following comments made by attendes; 

"This was an area where I had heard of autism but wasn't quiet sure what it was and how it affected the lives of children young people, adults, siblings , parents / carers. This workshop created the right balance of meaningful factual information with a range experiences of real people who live with autism everyday. It highlighted the judgments that we all make without really thinking about what is actually going on. It also brought a greater awareness of the environment (in all areas school, shopping centre, streets, parties etc) and  how this affects people with this condition."

"On a personal level it really made me think about how I engage and work with young people who are autistic and am I actually giving the correct support they require and if I am not how can I implement this into my practice, it has actually sparked some excitement in me and I am looking forward to taking this forward."

This was only the start of what the team can accomplish! We are asking for your help to fundraise for the equiptment to help us give more people an understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorders. 

You can visit our website at - 

Or visit our ever growing social media accounts - 

Team photo courtesy of Johnston Press plc

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