Angling school for children teens and the disabled

Angling school for children teens and the disabled

We are brothers aiming to purchase a plot of land in the Cambridgeshire area to dig a lake and start an angling school.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

We are brothers who have a dream to get more people into th wonderful sport of angling, we have a plan to set up an angling school for children and disabled users.

We would like to have schools bring groups for days out to be taught about angling and see that it can be a fun way to spend time with friends and families. we both grew up fishing from a young age and some very fond memories were created on banks with family and friends.

We wouldnt limit this experience to school groups but would allow anyone to attend the venue and other days out to care homes for the elderly and disabled wether mentally or physically.  having worked in a care home my self and having family members still working in care i know how important it is for people to experience new things and to get away from daily routines and to be able to stand back and see the smile brought to their faces.

The aim of this crowd funding is to get a deposit for a mortgage on a piece of open land where we can dig the lake or lakes required. The target set isnt neccasary the target required but just a number that would go further than we could ever imagine.

A page would be set up showing progress and exactly how the money has been spent and keeping people updated.

Alongside the angling school we would also run a day ticket to fishery to help fund the school once it is all set up.