Angela's house refurb

Angela's house refurb

To renovate a home and make it accessible long-term

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hello! Thank you for stopping by and having a read!

I am trying to raise funds to help my mother- and father-in-law renovate their home. My mother-in-law has advanced MS, and is now wheelchair bound. When she was first they moved to a lovely bungalow, thinking it would solve any future problems.

Sadly, this has not been the case, and the bungalow is now unnaccessible for my mother-in-law on her own. My father-in-law (in his 70's) has to carry her in and out of the property, and put her in and get her out of bed. She is also using a manual wheelchair as her electric one is too wide for the door frames, she has to use the bathroom with the door open due to the layout, and is no longer able to enjoy the garden because of access. A surveyor and architect have visited and redesigned the home to be as user-friendly as poss including lowering all of the kitchen surfaces, installing safer intergrated appliabces, redesigning the bathroom and changing the access ts to the living room, as well as widening all of the door frames and adding wheelchair access through the garage to the rear of the property.

They have been awarded a very kind grant to have some of the work carried out to make their home accessible, but it unfortunately falls  short of the total amount needed to make their home the forever home they had dreamed of, so we are asking for help.

Anything you can offer would be wonderfully receivedas soon as the work begins, and on completion, I will of course provide photographs so you can see what is happening and what a difference it makes to their lives.


Thank you, eternally and gratefully, for your support.