Warehouse of Dreams

An exciting new play is now in production, supporting War Child.

We did it!

On 30th Sep 2014 we successfully raised £4,110 of £4,000 target with 33 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

Thank you for supporting Warehouse of Dreams!

Our Stretch Target is £4,500

Our Goal:

Angels in Cyberspace is a group of theatre enthusiasts, newly formed to support important Fringe Theatre productions. Actors and crew in fringe theatre are often paid nothing or asked to work for a share of the 'profits' which are usually non-existent. It is a practice that can amount to exploitation.We are backing Warehouse of Dreams, a non-profit London Fringe play already in production. The budget for the cast of seven and for the crew provides for a minimum hourly wage; we would like to be able to raise this to a more dignified level.

This production supports the crucial humanitarian work of War Child, which protects children in the world's most dangerous war zones, and your donation will help them, too.

Theatre poster

The Play's the Thing

This is the world premiere of Warehouse of Dreams, a new play written by Chuck Anderson and directed by Dan Phlllips. The story, wrenched from today's shocking headlines about the tragedies unfolding in the Middle East, explores the difficult moral decisions that aid workers who manage refugee camps have to make:

Moriarty runs a refugee camp. It’s a city of troubled people growing like a tumour and it’s 24/7. Shedloads of food, water and excrement, the thievery, threats and protests, aggrieved co-workers, a hostile press, young girls sold into sexual slavery . . . With his gift of the gab and wry sense of humour he can tough that out. The nightmare which stalks his soul is the spectre of ineradicable guilt.

A Jolly Good Pub Theatre

This play is already in production for a four-week run (24 performances) at the Lion & Unicorn Theatre in Kentish Town. Opening Night is Armistice Day, 11 November and the run extends until 6 December. This is a jolly good pub and a great place to have a meal as well.


If we reach our target of £4,000 we will donate 20% to War Child's important humanitarian work and with the rest we can improve our wages by 70%.

Syrian kids

War Child

This small, dynamic charity provides first of all protection, and then vital care and counselling to children traumatised by war. It helps them to reclaim their lost childhood and gives them the educational opportunities they need to exercise their right to a sustainable future. Every ticket sold includes a £2 donation to War Child. Additionally, 20% of whatever you donate will also go to War Child.

Follow Us Behind-the-Scenes FREE on our Video Diary

If you go to our website you can participate FREE behind-the-scenes through a Video Diary as the production develops. This will be updated through casting sessions and rehearsals, plus interviews with the participants. You'll follow our problems and our solutions.

Your Rewards

Your rewards include tickets to the show. You don't have to decide now what performance you want to attend - tickets will be reserved for you to choose any date later. You can also be invited as a special guest to the Cast and Press Party. But even if you're not in London you can participate. The theatre programme will be produced as a book containing the complete text of the play plus photographs of the cast and rehearsals. This will be mailed to you. All backers will be acknowledged personally in the theatre programme, unless you choose not to.

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