Angel Outings

Angel Outings

Start a social enterprise company, to provide much needed subsidised outings, focusing on low income families who cant other take their kids

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I am raising funds to Start up a social enterprise named Angel Outings.

The idea came from my own experiences and my research shows the great need for this service and the impact it would have on the children involved.

How it started......

As a disabled single mother of one on benefits, it  would break my heart going on social media and seeing photos of my friends out at different places at the weekend with their children, creating memories. I was on a low income firstly which ment the entry fees of some places completely ruled us out, then the added complication of not driving made things even costlier and then food and drinks on top, no way could I even think about it. 

Yes a local park is always an option, sadly going anywhere without support was making this an issue too. 

I felt like a failure of a mum, I wanted to give my son the world, I wanted to see him smile like my friends children in the photos ... I wanted those memories......

why should my son have to miss out on these things because of me ? 

These times are so important in a child's life both developmentally, socially and educationally. 

It got me thinking, if perhaps I could go on Facebook and see if someone wanted to taxi share then I could maybe arrange to save for the entry fee .... sadly this didn't work either as the taxi fee was so high. 

for around a year all I could think about was how I could make this work not just for my family but others, I spoke with a local charity who support me once a week and many other families in the area, they made me realise it wasn't just me and that many many families in the area were going through the same and would benefit them greatly if a plan could come together. 

Finally after a lot a sleepless nights ... Angel Outing was born.

The Basics

The aim is to provide heavily subsidised outings once a month for children who may otherwise not get to go out past their own gardens.

The Outings will be open to all local families but with a focus on low income and underprivileged children.

The Outings will include, travel, entry and lunch

The nitty gritty .....

Local travel companies and venues have been fantastic and very generous and have agreed to subsidse their prices to us to an amazing level. 

We will hold a outing once a month initially. The cost of the whole day will be included.

any profit from the sales will then be put in to a pot to subside further trips. 

Should you wish further details on the business plan or financials please let me know. 

More and further information to be updated