Angel-Nefertiti Movie

by Angel Jackson in Oxford, England, United Kingdom


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This planned movie is intended to inspire people to search true identity - the story can help to draw a light from confusion and darkness

by Angel Jackson in Oxford, England, United Kingdom






- Autobiography and Fiction Based Blockbuster Movie

  based on my extraordinary and unique life-story


My graphics, photos and photo-collages, my books and my unique life story  is a cultural work of art that can help people who are looking for answers to questions about the meaning of life. My story is shaped by fate and a mission, which was assigned to me before birth to bring seekers closer to truth and their true identity

For three decades I have been working on books, texts and projects dealing with the question of the meaning of life.

Not only this question is deeply rooted in the soul of every single person, but also the constant search for answers and explanations.

In my individual process of searching for my true identity as an artist and soul, I have changed my complete outer appearance with the help of cosmetic surgery and thus embarked on a unique unprecedented artistic path of self-discovery.

This path was thorny, hard and often brought me to the limits of my physical and psychological existence.

The outer process of transformation was a reflection of my inner change, which equipped me with superhuman new qualities despite the suffering and partial exclusion of family and society.

I refined these qualities through spiritual studies so that I developed an identity that was not subject to any manipulative mechanisms of biological family, social circles or social norms.

In the midst of this liberalization process, however, new and deep friendships arose with wonderful people as well as with two of my three children. Friendships that imply elements of depth, truth and a kind of love based on honesty, freedom and spirituality. The latter attributes, however, have been discovered and developed with a lot of effort, patience and reappraisal.

In connection with my work projects, I have created digital art images for over two decades that deal with the core themes of the question of the meaning and origin of life.

A decisive element to pursue this question is the idea of the true identity which in my opinion can be discovered and explained by the realization of the fact of our earlier incarnations.

In addition to photo collages and artistically designed digital art photos, many photos show the many faces of my changing identity. In the movie this identity-metamorphosis creates a transparency based on the story of the protagonists, which transcends time, space and illusion of our existence and enables the viewer to discover his own true identity.

The content of both the movie story and the art images correspondingly raises the viewer's awareness on conscious or subconscious levels to questions about the meaning of life.

The authenticity of the story, which is reflected in films and images, gives each viewer a personal reference to the search for identity shown in the events and thus to his own identity.

I see it as my true task and mission to realize my movie project, because through the artistic material and the authenticity of the story the viewer gets a deep and unique insight into the connectivity of life through the journey of the protagonist.

I offer this very unusual and unique insight into the unknown depth of the "soul", so that the audience or viewer can draw a light from the confusion and darkness through the story of the protagonist. My movie-story is a mission to help people on their journey and search for identity and the associated question about the meaning of life.

My blockbuster movie is to be realized by film producers such as George Lucas, Roland Emmerich, Peter Jackson as they are producers who already incorporate themes such as time-travel, parallel universes, reincarnation, karma and spirituality into their movies in a deep, creative and yet entertaining way.


The German-English multidisciplinary artist and writer Evy Angel has chosen Brighton and/or Potsdam as the location for her screenplay.
Evy Angel, who feels at home in England by the sea, found her spiritual home during her stay in the film city of Potsdam.

Evy Angel:

"The south coast of England will always be my true home, although I was born in Germany. However, Potsdam is for me the only city in Germany where I have found a kind of cultural and spiritual home. I'd like to make one or both of the two cities the hub of my planned movie, which will show my unusual life and my past lives – everything focused on the topic ´Identity´".

For this, her authentic story, which is filled with sci-fi elements and mystical past lives, it is of great importance to choose a location that reflects the spiritual, mental and emotional nature of the artist, who has totally transformed her entire inner and outer identity.

She is now looking for a producer who will film and produce this story in the film studios in Potsdam Babelsberg in Germany.

Evy Angel:

"Potsdam Babelsberg offers everything a movie of my dimension needs. Not only the historical-cultural background of this unique city, but also the great equipment and ambience of the film studios and the film park in Babelsberg, where I recently studied at the film school, provide a unique and distinctive platform for this planned movie. During the recent years Potsdam has also become an important part of my life, which is not only unusual, but also offers insight into extreme and tough ways of survival on multiple levels; latter has shaped my creative-spiritual path due to this struggle."

Evy Angel regards this path and the story as a mission that can help some people on their way through life and their search for their true identity. In addition, the film reveals interesting insights into the life of a Pharaoh Queen from Ancient Egypt, whose origin and life remain puzzling to this day.

How Evy Angel knows all this remains a mystery, but she has some explanations ready, which at last provide interesting new aspects and views on many topics.

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