Mia's Dreams

Mia's Dreams

I have started this page as a set up for Mia's Dreams , a charity in Kent that will be support to parent and families effected by the...

We did it!

On 2nd Dec 2016 we successfully raised £25 with 3 supporters in 56 days

I have started this page as a set up for Mia's Dreams , a charity in Kent that will be support to parent and families effected by the loss of a baby. I have nominated myself as an ambassador for pregnant women nationwide. This page will help me pay to give a helping hand, charity work and most of all justice for my beautiful little baby Mia.

Every year in the UK where the rate remains the highest in Europe- more that 3600 babies are still born and 110 babies post week 36 are lost before or during delivery or within 28 days of being born most without any explanation.

Families wait  months for what they believe is a perfectly healthy baby. Last month we had to kiss goodbye to my beautiful little girl who I was told was healthy and happy. It has broken my heart and I feel that my world has been torn away!

Since this has happened other women have approached me and I have been saddened to hear their similar stories, when women are concerned and ignored by doctors, when women in hospital are left to go past the NHS guidelines in pregnancy weeks and when women just like me have been expected to tell their babies goodbye and move on with many so questions and worries about their futures. 

District and hospital Maternity care needs improving ! I am fundraising to make sure other babies like Mia are looked after! I will spend the next year reaching out to other women who haven't been cared for.

I will open a voice where women can help eachother who have also been forced to say goodbye and I will raise awareness in any way possible! I am working with sands the national stillbirth and neonatal death charity who are researching into the issue infront of us.

Over the next year I am hoping to raise enough money to give Our Hospital trust a cuddle cot room for parents and families to spend more time with their baby after their loss. A cuddle cot gave me the opportunity to spend more time with baby Mia , a cuddle room is a special place where parents and families can have privacy in a beautiful nursery away from the ward during such a hard time.

I will be overwhelmigly grateful for any contributions in any size, every penny takes me one step closer to the goal I've started the project at £100 I want to smash it. I want to make my daughter proud and all of her Angel baby friends and their parents will be getting the apologies, support and proper care that they deserve! 

Mias mother and founder of Mias Dreams,

Nicole x 

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