Help Andy Achieve his dreams

by abiw1991 in Truro, England, United Kingdom

Help Andy Achieve his dreams
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To help Andy become an ECA/AAP

by abiw1991 in Truro, England, United Kingdom

Andy is a 31 year old man living in Cornwall. Andy is a dad of two (Summer 7 and Isaac 3) and a step dad to one (Olivia 6). Andy suffers with Crohn’s disease and has been pretty poorly over the years with it but still carries on working when he can so could provide for his family.  Andys Crohn’s disease is a major factor in his life but his still does what he can and is currently working three jobs just so can pay bills and save to do the courses which I will explain  about lower down!  Andy is trying to do the courses and become and ECA/AAP.

Recently Andy has been working as an Ambulance Care Assistant which is transporting patients all over the country, either to another hospital, or to there homes or carehomes. Andy enjoys this work and wants to continue with ambulance work but the company he works for hasn’t regular work as it’s a private company and only has jobs when the NHS etc are struggling or they need a long distance job done as they like to keep the NHS crews local. Andy wants to do front line ambulance work. Andy is looking at training to become and ECA (Emergency Care Assistant) or AAP (Associate Ambulance Practitioner) this is a front line role and the career Andy wants to do!

If Andy had his C1 driving licences then he can apply to the ambulance service for front line roles as the ambulances are a different class of vehicle to what currently drives! Andy is hoping that he can do the C1 and then the ambulance service can offer him a job and provide the training for him but if not he would need to cover the costs of the C1 driving licence, Advanced driver training (blue light training) and also his ECA/AAP course. In total all of these courses come to Between £7000 and £12000 depending on if becomes and ECA (Emergency Care Assistant) or an AAP (Associate Ambulance Practitioner).

At a min he would need to pay £1000 for the driving and then hope the ambulance service can train Him up. If not any intens to save up and cover the cost of the courses him self as can them work for both NHS and private companies! If Andy had passed all the course he needed the ambulance service are more likely to offer him a job as it saves them training him and save them money. I know he has applied to some places for some funding due to his military time, even though was short may get help from the British legion and other sources but these aren’t guaranteed. He has also asked the course providers about finance to take the course. Just waiting for replies now!

I want to help my partner achieve his career dreams and work on front line ambulances and then maybe one day go to uni and study to become a paramedic as this ECA or AAP role allows Andy to apply after so long in the job and not need other qualifications which will help due to lack of GCSE’s.  If you could help out in anyway then that would be amazing and please keep sharing around the world and help a IBD Warrior achieve their career dreams and care for the sick and work alon side the people that help or save us and loved ones each day.

Cornwall Live have come on board and did a write up about Andy. Andy found this very hard as he hasn’t spoken to anyone about a lot of it and a lot of it only his close friend and some family knew. Andy doesn’t talk about how he feels, he bottles it all up but lately he has been writing down how he feels and gets it out of his head. 9 times out of 10 no one reads it but it helps him. Please have a read as it’s got a lot more information about him, his battle with IBD, depression and Doctors. Like below!

For every £5 people donate they will get there name into a raffle when reach the £1000 target for an APPLE SPORTS WATCH. Can connect to your iPhone, text, call, email, play music and  monitor exercise plus much more on it!

Thank you for reading.


(Andys partner)

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