Andrew Woolf debut album SONG UNSUNG

by Andrew Woolf in London, England, United Kingdom


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Support the release of this exciting new album - my first as bandleader - featuring my own original music, played by a fantastic band.

by Andrew Woolf in London, England, United Kingdom

I'm Andrew, a musician from London. After many years playing in a variety of bands and groups, I'm releasing my first album under my own name.

SONG UNSUNG is a collection of my original jazz compositions (plus one arrangement of a contemporary Brazilian song), with an emphasis on melodic lyricism, soulful atmosphere, evocative sounds worlds and emotional directness.


I'm known for my performances and recordings of original music in a range of styles, including Brazilian music (Alvorada, Choro Matiz), jazz (The Button Band, London Vocal Project), experimental (Madwort Saxophone Quartet), and Afrobeat (Afrik Bawantu).

Alongside all of these, I've played occasional performances with my own group, which have always been well received. After lots of encouragement from many people, I've finally taken the step to release an album of my own.

It was recorded in 2019, and - following a pandemic-influenced hiatus - will be released in June this year. I'm really happy with how it's turned out, and excited finally to be putting it out into the world. 


So far, the project has been entirely self-funded. That includes the costs of rehearsing, recording, mixing, mastering, and the fees of all the musicians. This Crowdfunder campaign is to help cover the costs of the final stages of the album - the artwork and design, manufacturing costs, promotion, and a specially-commissioned video animation to accompany the title track.

There are various ways to contribute. You can simply pre-order the album CD/download, or there are incentives for higher contributions also (scroll down on the right to see them). There's also the option just to make a donation. You can help out by spreading the word and sharing the project on social media too. All the pledges will be honoured before the official release date - meaning you'll be the first to receive and hear the album.


It's a real personal milestone to be releasing something that's all my own, and I'm grateful for all your support.

Big hugs,


p.s. Keep track of album news, and what else I'm up to, over on my website:


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

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'Song Unsung' digital download

High quality digital download of the album. Delivered in advance of the official release date - so you'll be the first to hear it!

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'Song Unsung' CD

CD version of the album, featuring beautiful artwork by Max Franosch. Delivered in advance of the official release date - so you'll be the first to hear it!

£25 or more

'Song Unsung' album plus back catalogue

'Song Unsung' plus two other recordings from my output - Soma Quartet EP and 'First Light' from Alvorada (your choice of CDs or downloads).

£30 or more

'Song Unsung' charts

Sheet music for compositions on the album, along with the album itself (your choice of CD or download).

£40 or more

'Song Unsung' + back catalogue + charts

'Song Unsung' album, composition sheet music, and both Soma Quartet EP and Alvorada 'First Light' (your choice of CDs or downloads).

£50 or more

One to one lesson

1-hour individual session with me - this could be a saxophone/clarinet lesson, a lesson on a variety of musical aspects, or an insight into the workings of the album.

£100 or more

Chocolate brownies

This is really just an option for if you're feeling especially generous! However, as a sign of my gratitude, I will personally bake you a set of delicious vegan chocolate brownies.

£750 or more

Private 'Song Unsung' performance

Really inspired by the music? Book your own personal concert, for an exclusive performance of the album to you and your friends in a private location. Part of this pledge will go directly towards the performers.

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