Andre's Solo English Channel Swim 2015

Andre's Solo English Channel Swim 2015

To raise money for me to be able to swim the English Channel in September 2015.

We did it!

On 5th Mar 2015 we successfully raised £1,140 of £1,000 target with 32 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

If I was to successfully fund my project and overfund this would enable me to

  • Pay for travel to Dover
  • Purchase accomodation
  • Cover entry for my 2 way Windermere Swim at the start of August
  • Raise extra money for Rowcroft Hospice


My name is André Roberts and I'm from Gloucestershire and currently at Plymouth University in Devon, UK.

October 2013 I applied to swim the English Channel solo in September 2015 with Eric Hartley from the Channel Swimming Association. 

I'm currently a second year Chemistry student at Plymouth University and I've managed to get £750 of funding for my channel swim kindly donated from Markes International, but it's still a long way off the £3000 price tag for undertaking this challenge.

To acheive this dream I have to fund the rest of this cost.

My project target is £1000, which is a third of the total cost of what's needed to undertake the challenge.



My story

My parents have been involved in sport for most of their lives and I always encouraged to partcipate in sport from when I was little. I started learning to row at Evesham Rowing Club when I was 7 and continued to do so until I was 18. Through that time I got to National Championships and various other regional competitons and regularaly placed highly. I started to take up triathlon when I was 16 and included it in my training for rowing with Tewkesbury Triathlon Club. Through this I gradually started to get involved with open water swimming and discovered how much I enjoyed swimming. 


Why I need your help

Swimming the Channel is never just about the individual, it's about all of the people supporting that person. It takes a huge effort just to get someone to Dover who is prepared and ready to swim. There are the countless hours training, prioritising it above everything else and making sure you get to the start uninjured from overtraining. But there's also the people that help you get there; your coach, the people you training with, freinds and family. They all help in some way to make sure you're prepared to take on the Channel. This is where you come in. By supporting this your're enabling me to spend more time training and focusing on my degree in Chemistry. All in all, making it a more enjoyable and fulfilling experience.


What your pledges will help to fund

  • Funding Pilot boat costs (£2700)
  • Channel Swimming Association fees (£400)
  • Travel to events
  • Accomodation

The total cost will be around £3000 for the swim and making sure the swim formly ratified by the Channel Swimming Association. But I still have to fund training and going to swimming events myself by working and support from my family.

If my project is successfully funded and becomes overfunded then this would enable me to;

  • Donate money to the charity I'm raising money for, Rowcroft Hospice in the Torquay area providing end of life care for people with terminal illnesses.
  • Pay for swim entries
  • Pay my swimming club membership
  • Hence letting me work less and train more

In return I'm able to provide some rewards for pledging on my project to support me in my venture ranging from a simple thank you message on my website and twitter to a momento from my swim. I will be regularly updating you on my progress and you can follow me on social media such as Twitter and also check up on my blog (


Thanks to my supporters

There's a few people I want to thank who've helped me get this far;

  • Parents and Friends
  • Steve Rowland, Personal Tutor at Plymouth University
  • Marks International
  • Devonport Royal Swimming Assocaition
  • Tewkesbury Triathlon Club




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