... And Nothing Hurt

by Deadbolt Films in Farnham, Surrey, England

... And Nothing Hurt

Create a short World War 2 era horror film that will philosophically engage the viewer, while entertain with a gruesome slice of gore.

by Deadbolt Films in Farnham, Surrey, England

We did it
On 26th December 2017 we successfully raised £1,120 with 28 supporters in 56 days


“We make up horrors to help us cope with the real ones.”  

― Stephen King

Set during the back drop of World War 2 “AND NOTHING HURT” is a short horror film that follows a young terrified British Soldier as he flees from the turmoil of war only to come face to face with an altogether different kind of  horror.

Taking influence from AN OCCURENCE AT OWL CREEK, JACOBS  LADDER and doom laden folk horror such as, THE WITCH.  Our goal is to create a film that will philosophically engage the viewer, while entertaining with a high creepiness factor and gruesome slice of gore.

With a target to begin filming in March ’18, we will share our journey with you. Keeping supporters informed with regular updates as we put together an experienced crew, undertake the casting process, record test footage, and more!


“The oldest and strongest emotion of  mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of  the unknown.”

 ― H.P. Lovecraft

At some point in their lives everybody has known fear, it is a shared experience we can all relate to. So with that in mind, what better way to fund a horror film than through the shared experience of crowdfunding?   

The real reason is that we want to create the highest quality production possible,  creating something that all involved, including yourself, can take to festivals and be truly proud of.  

The donations made from funding will contribute to:  

- Experienced Theatre Actors 

- Director of Photography 

- Sound Technician 

- Realistic Era Authentic Props 

- Blood… lots and lots of Blood 


Gav Chuckie Steel – Director 


Gav is a multi-talented director of cult features, such as the terrifyingly meta PRETERNATURAL and gore-splattered slasher comedy THE SHADOW OF DEATH.  A true aficionado of horror cinema, Gav also co-hosts and produces the popular, THE PODCAST ON HAUNTED HILL, where he offers up his own passionate and unique opinions of some of the  great, and not so great, scary films of our time. 

Thomas J Campbell - Screenwriter


From a young age Thomas was lured in by all things weird and strange, an obsession that was only exacerbated further with the discovery of film and comics.  Having optioned his first feature horror scripts, Thomas continues in his pursuit to tell the same sort of macabre stories he loves. 

Andy Clarke - Location Sound


After initially becoming involved in location sound through a series of documentaries and promos, Andy’s long standing love of horror reached new heights whilst working on his first feature, THE SHADOW OF DEATH. Since then he has become a seasoned DEADBOLT FILMS collaborator, working alongside Gav on a number of productions including the horror-inspired video for SCAPEGOAT by his band HOW TO DRESS A MONSTER. When not watching or making horror movies, Andy enjoys baking, Buddhism and cats.

Rachel Deadman - Cast


Rachel Deadman is a dancer, choreographer and singer song writer. She has worked on devising multi-media large scale live dance performances with inter-generational casts and has worked on dance films as both choreographer and dancer. Rachel currently directs a dance company called The Dance Movement, lectures in dance and film at the University of Creative Arts and teaches choreography to final year dance students at the University of East London.  Rachel brings her movement skill set to this collaboration and the multi-faceted symbolism of the role. 

Sonu Louis - Cast

Born in Austria, Sonu Louis spent most of his life in London where he  attended the Drama Studio London and currently works as an actor,  producer, and writer. Completing his national service as a  mountain  soldier, he has a compelling screen presence, natural gravitas, and an  ability to undertake strong physical roles. Sonu recently played the  lead role of Ernst Lustig a German soldier in the WW2 short drama EDELWIESS produced by Praxima.  Sonu brings an extra layer of depth and authenticity to a character that requires a dominating portrayal. 

Oliver Church - Cast

Originally from Norfolk, Oliver is a professional actor trained at Guildford School of Acting and a 2016 finalist in the Alan  Bates Award. His previous film work includes Mark Black in the upcoming  feature ‘FACE2FACE’ as well as a number of short films across varying  genres. Most recently he toured the UK and Ireland as the title role in  ‘PETER PAN and Lysander/Flute in ‘A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM’ for  Chapterhouse Theatre Company.



This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£10 or more

£10 Reward

A £10 donation will see you receive regular updates on the films progress, digital promotional artwork, as well as a huge thank you on our social media from all of us involved!

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£20 Reward

A £20 donation will see you receive the previous rewards, plus a screening invite, and a SUPPORTER credit on the film itself.

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A £35 Pledge will see you receive the previous rewards, plus a digital copy of the soundtrack, and a digital link to the directors previous feature film ‘PRETERNATURAL’.

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A £50 Pledge will see you receive the previous rewards, a personal PODCAST ON HAUNTED HILL shout out, signed promotional artwork, and a SPECIAL THANK YOU credit.

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A £75 donation will see you receive all the previous rewards, plus Gav and Tom will take you to the cinema to see a movie of your choice!

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A £100 donation will see you receive all the previous rewards, invite to a day of filming, plus special guest appearance on PODCAST ON HAUNTED HILL to discuss film with the hosts!

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£250 Reward

A £250 donation will see you receive all the previous awards plus a prop weapon used in the short.

£500 or more

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£500 Reward

A £500 donation will see you receive the previous £10 - £100 PLEDGE awards plus EXECUTIVE PRODUCER credit on the film, the prop mask used in the short itself, and we’ll throw a HALLOWEEN themed party (any time of the year) for you!

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