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by AJIYL in London, England, United Kingdom

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I would love to set up a Personal Assistant agency to support entrepreneurs and individuals in their paperwork.

by AJIYL in London, England, United Kingdom

I am a young lady with many faces. The ups and downs of my life have only helped me become the woman I am today. Seizing opportunities at the right time is my motto, and I am the kind of person who runs towards my destiny rather than waiting for it to come to me. I chose the side of the winners rather than the losers.

I always enjoyed helping my loved ones with their administration in my spare time (research, booking, information, organization). I studied tourism and finance because I have always been passionate about travel and all investment-related matters. I have been working as a Process Analyst for eight years in the IT and Telco sector. Optimizing applications for the end-user experience is a target for me. 

Creating a personal assistant agency is an obvious and continuous step in my path.

My vision is that all entrepreneurs and pensioners will someday have a Personal Assistant to ease the pressure of their daily lives.

At first, I would like to promote the business and show people that life can be more pleasant if they have a personal assistant by their side.

Once my portfolio is growing, then build a staff and open and rent a space for extra services.

What is interesting about this project is that I also wish to contribute to Congolese children without education for various reasons. So some profits will be used to develop this idea.

I will learn sewing, buy the materials, and design items that you could exhibit at home or wear on you.

I would love to set up a Personal Assistant agency to support entrepreneurs and individuals in their paperwork. It includes the administrative management of professional and private activities, allowing them to focus on their core expertise and passions.

For this reason, I am calling on any kind soul who would like to help me make one of my dreams come true. 

Please feel free to contact me via the email address: [email protected] for further information.

Thank you for taking the time to read me, and I send you good vibes. Love & Blessings.


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