by Ralph Christie in United Kingdom

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To pay my lawyers in the UK and Greece to take out the necessary lawsuits and appeals to bring justice to my case. 4 years prison NO CRIME

by Ralph Christie in United Kingdom

I was a family man that moved to Crete full time in 2005 with my then wife and two sons after getting involved in the Real Estate business in Crete. Now I have lost most of the support of my family due to the untruths my younger brother Cedric (retired senior West Yorkshire Police Officer) obtained from a fact finding trip to Crete in April 2014 causing most of the Counts.  

I enclose a link that has not been written by me but by someone that is highly respected and impartial which tells the shorten version of the story.

I have a very close loyal group of friends that have helped me get this far that are sincere, honest, reliable and right behind me. Some are not financially involved with me and some are financially involved with genuine deals done in Crete before 2010 which West Yorkshire Police wrongly thought did not exist. This was due to lies and perjury by Mr Stephen Andrew Thomas my ex partner of three years and two of our employers in Bapon AE known as Susan Jill Watt and Michael Thompson that have held the conspiracy together against my ex wife and I to date.

My vision is to recover all the losses that my backers gave me in good faith for various projects in Crete from 2006 until September 2009 when DC Skidmore of WYP  ( West Yorkshire Police) contacted all my clients informing them I was a Madoff type running Ponzi schemes and was living the high life on their money entrusted to me causing catastrophic events ruining my legal enterprises in Greece, character assassinating me, and destroying my family life that are still festering ten years on.

After I was fully exonerated in Greece in October 2013 I invoiced WYP for all the losses I and my backers had lost due to WYP action four years earlier which amounted to over 20 million Euros. WYP retaliated by making the situation worse by putting me in prison in HMP Leeds when I returned to see my family in the UK over Christmas 2013 on remand but had no evidence for a Crown Court trial at that date to happen.

In August 2014 DI Taylor of WYP made up 19 charges so a trial was held in early 2015 of which I returned back from Crete for. The value of the Counts was over 50 million sterling collectively and if convicted of them all I would have been looking at 14 years in prison for nothing. Somehow DI Taylor managed to get five Counts to find me guilty on valuing 1,45 million sterling of which the one with the UK company Howard Tenens LTD is known as now as unsafe. This Count was over 1 million alone and could have got me eight years but got me seven years in prison. Thus I need to seek compensating from the authorities in the UK for wrongful imprisonment and serving time for half of the 7 years conviction from March 2015 to this year 2018. I was cleared of money laundering and of straight forward theft of 300,000k Euros but convicted on the 2007 law of misrepresentation of funds when this was clearly not the case.

The money raised will be used to pay my London lawyers Peters and Peters overall appeal fees in the UK and Dr Themis Sofos my Greek lawyers fees for compensation due from the UK Home Office and WYP which is now as much as the value of the double jeopardy UK Counts in 2015. 

When the funds have been raised and my injustices settled I would pay back all my long suffering loyal clients and the people who would have helped raise the funds via this appeal.  

The CPS and WYP as I am writing this are trying to get me back in HMP Leeds for four more years due to a POCA trial in Bradford last April where I have been told to pay back an amount of 566,000k sterling to the so called 5 victims that include Thomas and Thompson within three months from April. There is an appeal in place also against this judgement that in parts I am having to keep seeking funding for and I am trying to release bank funds that have been frozen since October 2009 by actions of West Yorkshire Police to help pay up.

There is also a civil case against Stephen Thomas in Crete 05/03/2019 which I need to be at liberty for under Article 6 of Human Rights Law to the Right to a Fair Trial and also a contempt of court charge against Stephen Thomas for the lies he told the Greek Prosecutor in his statement of truth to her Court in 2013.

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