An Hour For Others

by An Hour For Others in Liverpool, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 28th March 2018 we successfully raised £5,200 with 73 supporters in 14 days

A platform for all- spreading unity, kindness,empowerment,positivity and joy to young and old in their hour of need.Help us to help others

by An Hour For Others in Liverpool, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target


Thank you so much  for helping us reach our target!  We are absolutely over the moon with all of your support which will allow us to continue making positive impacts here in Liverpool and eventually beyond.

 Our hub is in the heart of Anfield which is one of the most deprived areas in Europe.  High rates of heart disease, childhood obesity, mental illness & poverty exist here. Our hub is there for the benefit of the local community and aims to be a part of helping combat these issues.  The running costs and rent of our building is around £1000 a month, an extra £5,000 will secure the hub for another 5 months and help us grow our support network and be of a benefit to local people.

  • Who we are

An Hour For Others (AHFO)  is a Liverpool based organisation founded in 2014.    

Myself  - Kevin Morland  (Painter & Decorator) and my partner Gillian Watkins (Accountant) have run the organisation alongside our own businesses.  A small team of amazing volunteers have recently joined us to help us grow.

We have been the platform that brings the community together and the backing we receive from individuals and businesses offering time, skills, resources, donations, acts of kindness has dramatically helped improve lives and have a massive positive impact on many people in Liverpool, people who are at a real disadvantage or have been affected by life changing circumstances and deserve help.  Everything AHFO does is aimed at helping the health & well being of those we support, creating stronger, unified communities.  

We are ordinary people who care deeply about the situation we face in society today.  With a new way of thinking ,acting and sharing we have made strides over 4 years pulling this together building a network of people requiring help and those that want to offer help.  We have had  people from across the UK,  USA, Australia, Scandinavia, France and the Far East contact us saying they are inspired by the concept and how can they set An Hour For Others up in their towns and cities.  We are now asking for your pledges of support to enable us to keep positively impacting lives and to take this to the next level and even to the next City, 

We think an initiative like AHFO would be perfect in a city like ours that needs to come together.' - Imani Williams New Haven Conneticut, USA.

  • The Reason For Crowdfunding.

The total running costs of our hub which is the centre point for all we do are £900 per month.  We really do need financial support as our funds are low.  Matching those offering help and support to those needing and deserving help is a huge task and there are lots of elements involved in this which takes up most of our time. We want to take this to other parts of the country and beyond.  A successful crowdfunding project will go such a long way , not only providing much needed funds but also raising awareness of what we do and ways for people to get involved.

A £30 pledge will secure our hub for 1 day.

Donate 1 hour of your monthly wage and do your 'Hour For Others' at your place of work!



  • Why we do this

Life can hit rock bottom at anytime for anyone of us, to be there for each other in that time and have a huge network that any of us can be a part of has such a positive effect on all involved. Those receiving support and those giving support benefit.  

People all over the world are waking up and demanding change,  the old ways and old systems are not working and haven’t been for some time.  For too long violence, hate, separation, conflict, greed, selfishness and ego have been the norm and taken hold.  In the world today there is a unifying consciousness that we all share where by ordinary people from every walk of life have realised things have got to change, if the old ways carry on the future for our children is bleak, if there is one!  The future should be one where social wealth comes before material wealth.

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

  • Our work so far.

- Refurbished homes of families and elderly people living in poverty and coping with isolation or terminal illness. 

- Sent hundreds of local under privileged children and deserving families VIP style to football matches and concerts.  

- Provided thousands of pounds of hampers, warm clothes, toys, vouchers and presents to many families living in poverty

- Sent many people coping with dementia, bereavement, cancer and other terminal illnesses for breaks away in hotels and caravans.

-  Opened up our very own hub in one of the most deprived areas in the country, where we provide health and well being groups and drop in sessions to local families.

- Started self empowerment health and well being groups in the heart of the most deprived areas.

- Raised awareness throughout Liverpool and beyond and inspired other areas to give help to others.

-Recycled good quality clothing, shoes, bedding and football boots free of charge to local disadvantaged  community.
- Teamed up with many great local organisations to support where and when we can (Together We Are Strong.)

'Unbelievable the drive and commitment in you two to make this city a better place and to help everyone in this city' - Jason Henry

- Chefs cooked Christmas dinners for isolated elderly residents.

- Choirs donated time to sing for elderly groups.

- Local dance, gymnastic groups , yoga centres, martial arts and boxing gyms have offered free places and scholarships to children who  do well in our self empowerment groups.

An Hour For Others has even recently received global attention and an article in The New York Times!!


The areas around our hub are some of the most deprived in Europe and have high rates of heart disease, cancer, childhood obesity,  alcohol addiction, depression and many health related issues. Our little hub is there for the benefit of society and everything we do is aimed at creating positive changes unlike the endless fast food joints, cheap booze stores and betting shops which drain and feed on the addictions of already vulnerable people and add to the problems surrounding physical and mental health we see daily.                         

'This was my friend and her mum you have helped after I tagged my friend on one of your posts. She called me earlier really excited and grateful to you for helping her mum. Thank you such much they are such lovely people and have had some really tough times through the years. The help you give to people really does change lives'. Sharon Steel


 In the future we aim to grow and expand more in various ways to help society,  for next 12 months we will focus on the health and well being of our community in 3 ways.  

1) Groups - Running free 8 week courses from our hub and at health centres based around self empowerment.  Mindfulness,  personal physical training, meditation, yoga, reiki, healthy cooking on tight budget, nutrition support, basic diy skills, budgeting will all be combined to empower More and more Local businesses and individuals .  Childrens' groups and activities to start this summer aimed at empowerment. All delivered by experts giving their  time and expertise.

2) Acts of kindness – Through AHFO kind hearted people or businesses offer goods, services, event tickets, donations, good quality used clothing, leisure breaks or whatever they feel can help others, this will be passed onto deserving members of the community who for various reasons lives have hit hard times and are in their hour of need.  

3) Living space refurbishments.  Local tradespeople and businesses will help families and individuals we identify in providing nice comfortable areas of their homes. Decoration, furnishings, flooring etc will be provided free of charge. The more people who offer support the more will be helped. Some of the families we help will have been through our various courses and showed willingness as well as made positive lifestyle changes.

'Bloody amazing you guys are. Much love to you both from all of us.. The smiles you have brought to my son will remain in my heart forever and I can’t thank you all enough for that'.xxx – Julie Webster



'Commendably, Alexander-Arnold is using his new-found stardom to impact on the lives of the less fortunate through a charity called An Hour for Others. He has helped young cerebral palsy sufferer Louis Henry ­recover from operations to help him walk'. 'Sunday Mirror'


All of the above proves that small acts of kindness can and will change our world for the better, they create positive ripples that never end and change habits. People tap into the consciousness we all share and become inspired to think and act out of love, kindness and for the greater good of everyone. Before long it ends up being a huge wave that changes whole areas and then spreads. It all starts from that first act, and that first act starts from YOU.

Please pledge as much or as little as you can to enable this positive energy to keep spreading . We rise by lifting others.

'Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has'. Margaret Mead



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