an extreme journey through South America

an extreme journey through South America

What if civilisation failed us? would the average person survive? I will make a documentary to test this whilst cycling through S.America

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Project aim

What if civilisation failed us? would the average person survive? I will make a documentary to test this whilst cycling through South America

About the project

What would we do if civilisation crumbled??

Would Mother Nature help us, or leave us to crumble with it?

How would the average rat race runner cope?

I am an average person; I travel up to London several times a week to follow a career in acting and modelling. Would I survive?

I've made it my mission to find out.


I propose to make a documentary that will astound and inspire others, a documentary that will make people aware of their own strengths and weaknesses, a documentary that will open people’s eyes to how fragile civilisation is and how the average person may cope and grow if civilisation failed us.

I want to take my audience on that adventure with me. I will cycle alone from Belize to Buenos Aires. This time I intend to take it one step further. Bear Grylls trained in the SAS, he is a strong man. I propose to do something similar, but I am a girl, with just the simple training I have taken upon myself to learn in the back garden and with friends.

With my bike, bow and arrows, sleeping bag, fire making kit and a knife I will cycle to Buenos Aires, over 7521 km to cover. I will be thrown into the wild and be completely self-sufficient. How will an actress of a modern world cope with such a life changing event?

Wait for the documentary and find out.... but please show your support, as I'm sure I will need it!!

Two pressing issue I want to address in this productions is one, too create awareness as I feel very passionately about the way the Amazon is being abused, and all the worlds tropical forests for that matter. I want to cycle through an area where deforestation is very prominent and the effects are more than apparent then cycling through an area that is being conserved to really demonstrate the difference and to show the good work that this or which ever charity I chose has accomplished. Two, the different between hunting to survive and hunting out of sport and greed. I feel to gather ones of food is a lot ore respectful to the world around us rather than buying it from a shop and detaching oneself from all responsibility but there is a huge problem with people hunting for greed and money, they disrespect our earth to a disgusting extent!


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