Exciting New Product for Outdoor Leisure 1% to you

Exciting New Product for Outdoor Leisure 1% to you

To bring to market an exciting revolutionary dual-purpose product. Nothing exists like it, patents now applied for. 49% shares can be yours!

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Dear Crowdfunders.

UPDATE 10th May 2017: Please note that this is a TECHNOLOGY PROJECT whereby I have created new technology to provide a dual-solution to 2 specific needs. The Patent for this is the real future value so a rapid sale of this is very possible at a conservative independent estimate of £2 million so your investment will be worth (& return you) at least twenty times in 6-9 months from now. Many thanks for your help & support, this is very exciting indeed.

I have devised a very exciting new dual-purpose technology product in the outdoor leisure industry. It will revolutionise how we get out into the great outdoors & literally "everyone will want one"! I have undertaken extensive research & nothing like it exists. I have also completed Global Patent Searches & have registered the global patents to ensure that our Intellectual Property is protected. I now need to finalise the design & create the prototype to create commercial interest & take it to market. I am offering 49% of the business at £1000 per % (so £500 would give you 0.5%, £250 would give you 0.25% etc.) on a first come first served basis, so you will benefit from all future profits & the eventual sale of the business which will be massive. That is available to anyone at all until £49,000 is reached.  Anything funded above that will be a bonus to fast-track the project & see a quicker return on investment to all. Obviously I cannot give away too much detail on here but will be happy to share the concept privately via email with everyone who donates to this exciting project. In addition, you will be the first to receive one of these revolutionary products as & when they are manufactured in the next 6 months or so. I promise you, you will absolutely love it. Thanks again. Jamie