an eco-responsible fashion

by Larissa Fofana in Rainham, England, United Kingdom

an eco-responsible fashion
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I decided to create a clothing brand with 80% recycled clothing to reduce the impact of the fashion industry on the environment.

by Larissa Fofana in Rainham, England, United Kingdom

My profile 


My name is Larissa and I am 27 years old. 

My brand is "Eben Wood Signature" which is inspired by my Ivorian background, in reference to the "ebony wood" found in the tropical regions. This is a precious type of wood commonly used to carve all kinds of decorative objects.

I have always had a great interest in fashion which led me to study Design and Textiles for 3 years. I describe myself as an artistic, crafty and creative being who likes to immerse myself in painting, knitting crochet and sculpture work. I love to work with all kinds of materials in order to create original pieces. 

* an eco-responsible and unique fashion* 

Our planet is very important to me. I am very concerned of its state so I imagined a brand made of 80% recycled clothing which gives a more responsible approach to the fashion consumption. My idea is based on the recovery of second hand clothes and my goal is to give them a second life by introducing wax fabric inserts. Attentive to the quality and needs of women but also men, I recover and elaborate each piece with care. 

My relationship to my creations are very intimate and I can only imagine the best for them. "Food waste" is well known to the general public but the general public is less sensitive to "Clothing waste". Out of the 5 million tonnes placed on the market - nearly 4 million tonnes of textiles are thrown away in Europe each year. To give you an idea, the clothing sector ranks 2nd in the world in terms of environmental impact. 

My motto "Nothing gets lost, Everything transformed". The "Eben Wood Signature" universe is a colourful and sparkling universe that will offer you a unique experience with elaborate, original pieces and joyful prints. Furthermore, I offer all my Customers the possibility of exchanging their clothes of the brand "Eben Wood Signature". This will be after 2 years of use if the clothes are in good condition against new pieces of the same value. This reduces waste and throwing them away.

* the goal *

Given that I am only at the beginning of my project, it is your help that will allow me to leap, progress and jump forward. I could then develop the brand and give it more visibility.

My objective is to collect £6000.

Thank you very much for your help.



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