An adventure for all

Project by CookseyR

We're taking part in the world's longest horse race, but also want to help you on your own adventure and raise funds for two great charities

We did it!

On 26th Jul 2015 we successfully raised £115 with 4 supporters in 49 days

A slice of adventure & a chunk for charity

Project aim:

  • Raise a load of money for two amazing charities
  • Show the world that anyone can achieve their dreams
  • Give one of you nice donors several hundred pounds worth of top adventure kit so you can have your own slice of adventure


About the project:

The video above hopefully gives you an idea of what Sarah and I are undertaking, but this is only part of the story. What isn’t mentioned is the fact that this was just a crazy dream a year ago that we a) couldn’t afford and b) weren’t good enough riders to take part in and that it’s part of a bigger picture in which we want to try and encourage anyone with an adventure dream to take the plunge and follow their heart (and provide them with some kit for doing it with in the process) – life is for living.


Where your money goes:

We’ve picked two charities that are really close to our hearts. They both carry out humanitarian and environmental work, but importantly integrate the two – there’s no point in telling someone who lives in the rainforest not to chop trees down if they need to to build a fire to stay alive.

Every penny that is donated through this site will go directly to the charities – if we go over our initial goal the money will keep going directly to them.

COOL EARTH – helps protect rainforests by working alongside local people. They ‘put local people back in control, giving them the resources they need to keep their forest intact.’ A great example of this is the way they have helped people plant cacao trees to generate an income from chocolate and therefore keep the loggers at bay – visit here to find out more:

Azafady – a charity very close to my heart after seeing the poverty and amazing wildlife of the island first hand. The charity work to help with things like education and sanitation alongside helping endangered flora and fauna and where possible combining the two; such as helping people plant fast growing trees for firewood and building materials and so reducing their reliance on wood from endangered forests. We’d really encourage you to check out their website and find out what they do for yourself:


A bit about following dreams:


Last year I climbed a mountain deep in the Venezalan jungle that had never been climbed before. Three years previously I could barely climb, but loved the idea of following in the footsteps of my heroes. A lot of hard work later and somehow that dream was realised. It didn’t take too long for me, and Sarah, to get itchy feet on my return. Sarah has always loved horses and so ‘why not take on the world’s hardest and toughest horse race?’ We were faced with two common problems that people with a dream often present themselves with…

‘We're not good enough’ – easy, we’ve dedicated every spare moment to either horse riding or fitness work. It has meant we haven’t managed to watch Made In Chelsea as much as we’d have liked, but it was a sacrifice we were willing to make. 

‘We couldn’t afford it’ - this one was a bit harder, but we’ve worked and saved and I’ve driven around in a Skoda that has threatened to fall apart at least half a dozen times, but we’ve got there in the end.

Hopefully our story will encourage others to follow their dreams – especially if we don’t fall off the horses and break a leg!


What you get for your donation:

For every £5 donation you get one entry to a prize draw (£10 gets you two entries, £20 four and so on) we’re going to have for some of our adventure kit (from the race, my climb and various other adventures we’ve had). We’re not exactly sure what the prize will include yet, because all our kit might not all come back in one piece, but we can guarantee it will have a retail value of at least £250, and probably substantially more, and include a very pro sleeping bag, a hydration pack and a Garmin GPS unit.

We hope our adventure inspires you to follow your dreams, wish you luck in winning some adventure goodies and thank you for supporting two awesome charities


Little note about the horses: for anyone who was wondering, it’s just us whose bodies will be in pieces after the race and not the horses’ – they get changed every 25km and their welfare is of paramount importance.




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