An acoustic evening with Crilly

An acoustic evening with Crilly

An Acoustic evening with Crilly from AshestoAngels.

We did it!

On 23rd Mar 2016 we successfully raised £119 of £113 target with 14 supporters in 14 days

 Hey Guys and Ghouls!


We have arranged a small intimate evening with Crilly, the vocalist in the up and coming 'New Grave' band AshestoAngels. The evening will consist of an acoustic set, as well as some time to chat and relax afterwards in a comfortable, laid back environment.

The set will take place on Saturday 19th March at around 8:00pm

Anyone is welcome to attend, however in order for the evening to go ahead, we need to raise enough money to pay for the set and Crilly's valuable time and energy.

Thats where you beautiful people come in! We are asking as many of you as possible to contribute towards the price of the set, there is no minimum contribution, anything is appretiated, and all money will be given to Crilly, covering his expenses.

The set will take place at The Greyhound Pub, in Hendon, North London (5 stops past Camden on the Edgware branch of the Northern line). The pub is situated aprox 15 minutes away from Hendon Central Tube Station, just past Middlesex University.

All ages are welcome, however anyone under the age of 18 will get a stamp!!!!(be warned ;)) The set will be taking place in a specific room of the building, meaning everyone attending can keep away (if they wish) from the bar and the rest of the pub.

Hope to see as many of you lovely people there as possible.


 p.s Although it says 23rd March the deadline for the Crowdfunding is actually 19th March.


Photo by Iona Finnie Photography.


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