An abstract photographic history of Dubai.

An abstract photographic history of Dubai.

To mount and frame over 70 black and white photographs of Dubai pre 1990 for exhibitions. Photographs by Othman Ali, born 1955-1990.

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Project aim

To mount and frame over 70 black and white photographs of Dubai pre 1990 for exhibitions. Photographs by Othman Ali, born 1955-1990.

About the project

Hand Protecting the Earth

Arab Man Trapped in a Jar.

Woman’s Face in Shore Bubbles.

A Handshake through Trees.

Flying Fountain Pens.

Arab Man in the  Desert Sky.

How do you think people would of reacted  if they saw these images  in the 70’s and 80’s? Before Photoshop and digital cameras?

These are a few descriptions of the many black and white, double exposure photographs created in Dubai, UAE by artist Othman Ali. (1955-1990)


The collection includes culture and history of Dubai pre 1990.



This year, 2015, is the 25th anniversary of my fathers death. I would love to hold and exhibition to commemorate him.

I have been holding on to his photos and negatives for far too long and really just want to show them off. I have over 200 photos and negatives of history, culture, artistic talent and all before the digital age.  

I have 75 original photographs that need dressing up with mounts and frames so they can be showcased at an exhibition in Bristol. A limited amount of prints will be available.

I have created a photographic, biographical portfolio of his work. My plan for the future is to have a book published with all the photographs. I also need to convert the negatives I have, and any gems I find will be put in a frame and added to the rest of the collection for future exhibitions.

My father features in a short documentary made in the early 80's.  The documentary shows how Al Bayan operated as a publishing newspaper. I aim to have it translated from Arabic to English and would like to play it at the exhibitions. I will send updates on the progress.



Hi, Im Yasmine Abdulwadood. Eldest daughter of Othman Abdulwadood Abdullah Ali.I lived in Dubai until the age of 8 years. In 1990 my father died in an accident at the age of 35. Due to unforeseen circumstances, my family and I moved to England. I’m 33 years old.

I love Art, its my hobby. Sewing, drawing and cooking. I love being creative. I love film and photography. My career for the last 17 years was within the hospitality and catering industry. The last 7 years were within the management team. Art, creativity, photography and Arab culture have been a big part of my life. I would like to put my experiences and creativity together into a project that will be worth seeing, if not for art then maybe curiosity.


Othman Abdulwadood Abdullah Ali 1955- 1990

My father was a keen and passionate photographer.

In 1977 he was granted scholarship by the Ministry of Information to study and gain qualification in Photography. He was the first Arab man to step outside of the UAE to do a degreein Photography. He attended and completed his degree in Photography at The Arts Institute of Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

 By 1983 he was the head of the photography department at Al Bayan newspaper which started in 1980. Working at Al Bayan gave Othman the freedom to express himself, the middle eastern culture and important news coverage.

He loved using the Olympus OM10 35mm and Nikon F 301 SLR Film Cameras. He loved being in the darkroom working in various mediums. He specialised in double exposure techniques. Some of his photos could tell you stories. They were sometimes published with poetry. His photos capture a Dubai before we know it now. He was inspired by his surroundings.

His creativity was ahead of his time. Othman Ali would have become a freelance artist. I always wonder what he would have created. He would have thrived off new technology and the digital age.


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