Amy McNeese-Mechan & Lewis Ritchie for Leith Walk

Amy McNeese-Mechan & Lewis Ritchie for Leith Walk

Help Leith Walk SNP raise essential local campaign funds to elect Amy and Lewis in May's vital Council election.

We did it!

On 22nd Apr 2017 we successfully raised £525 with 9 supporters in 28 days

Amy and Lewis, Stronger for Leith Walk

We have critically important council elections taking place on May 4th, and in these elections the SNP has an amazing opportunity to win leadership of Scotland's capital city.  Currently in Leith Walk ward,  Labour holds three of the four seats. If the SNP is to become the largest party in the city,  then it's essential that we win the local contest in Leith Walk by re-electing our sitting councillor Lewis Ritchie, and equally importantly by electing Amy McNeese-Mechan

To be successful we need to do two key things. Firstly, a lot of hard work and we're doing that right now in the campaign with leafleting, letters, canvassing/telecanvassing, all going out across the ward. Secondly, we need to raise significant funds to pay for all the campaign resources required to elect two candidates.  Other parties may get finance and help from their wider UK organisation, or from union, corporate and business donors...but in the SNP we depend massively on our local members, supporters, friends and well-wishers. So we kindly ask you to donate what you can to the Amy and Lewis campaign, and help to pay for all the resources they need to win here. If you prefer instead to make your campaign donation via electronic transfer, cheque, or good old cash, then send an email to: and we'll assist you to do that in your preferred way.  

With your financial help, Amy and Lewis will both be successfully elected in May, and both will play a huge part in an SNP led city council taking us into the end of this decade and beyond, and with all that implies for a future independent Scotland. On behalf of our great Leith Walk SNP candidates Amy McNeese-Mechan and Lewis Ritchie we thank you for your donation !


Promoted by Jacqueline Chalmers, Gordon Lamb House, 3 Jacksons Entry, EH6 8PJ on behalf of John Lewis Ritchie and Amy McNeese-Mechan.

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