Amnick creating next generation of public services

Amnick creating next generation of public services

Creation of next generation of public services, where users and ordinary people have a real voice in this along with communities to help.

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We are a group of ex-local authority directors coming together as Amnick Social Enterprise using Smart cities as a vehicle for social change.

We are concerned at the levels of cuts to all public services, and using our expertise, knowledge and networks across UK and Europe. We want to create the next generation of public services in; Housing, Health, Transportation, Education, Environment, Social Care etc.

We are going on a 5 year journey to bring together; Politicians, CEO's of public and private sector, Universities and Colleges, 3rd sector, as well as users of these services. These include; old people, disabled, single parents, young people, unemployed, people - giving everyone a voice and say in services they receive.

Our approach is to bring all these stakeholders together under one umbrella to create a more holistic joined up approach towards service delivery. These services will be designed with better fitness for purpose, and are strongly influenced by ordinary people who sit on our strategic board to help achieve this. Through this programme we will achieve 3 outcomes:

* The creation of a strategic board for each service. Each board has formal and informal input from general public.

* A working group for each service area. This is made up of ordinary people working with politicians, CEO's, Universities, tech companies to work combine efforts to deliver more innovative and community based solutions where no one is left behind

* A journey book - which shows how to best run public services using input from ordinary people. This will also incorporate pilot projects that we create, take in best practice from around the world.

This funding will launch this programme for one year. Within which time we will seek to secure from other sources.

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