Ammonium Nitrate - Feature Film

by Spread Like Wildfire Films in Stockport, England, United Kingdom

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We are looking to raise £15,000 in order to shoot a low budget indie feature film based in Manchester.

by Spread Like Wildfire Films in Stockport, England, United Kingdom

An action film...on a budget.

This project is the first in a new wave of Manchester cinema, and you can be a part of it! Ammonium Nitrate is the first feature film by Mass Productions (in collaboration with Spread Like Wildfire Films and co-producers MovieLux).

Ammonuium Nitrate tells the story of Jesse James Price. A young working-class lad from Manchester who dreams of a better life than what his council estate can provide. 

We are looking to raise £15,000 for this project, in order to do this we are really going to need your help. Filmmaking isn't cheap and we are all young creatives who in the eyes of the big boys in the finance world are not "viable investments" to make a profit on. Can you help us prove them wrong?

The Plot

Two young boys, Jesse James and Rickson want to leave their life on the council estate behind in search of something better. The two are always up to no good when one day adventure litterally knocks on their door. At 6am ex-army Sargent Culver Simpson wakes Jesse up to inform him the wearabouts of his missing parents. This is an adventure you won't want to miss.

The Team

James Gleave - Director/Writer

James is a Mancunian born and bred. He loves this city and feels that more stories need to be told in it.

That is why he wrote Ammonium Nitrate. A film set in Manchester where the city plays just as an important role in the film as any of the actors.

Onur Aksinoglu - Producer/Co-Director

Onur is from London however moved to Manchester for university and fell in love with the city. He met James in class at uni and the two came together to form Mass Productions. One of the production companies working on this film.

Onur has been a key player in making this film happen and his flair and style reflect in the films style.

Ste Bergin - Executive Producer/Actor playing 'Culver Simpson

Ste's main role in the project is the Executive Producer whose main job is to help raise funds for the film. Can you guess who wrote this crowdfunding campaign? Hello Everyone!

As an actor Ste founded his own production company to help make the films that he wanted to be in. Ste came in for an audition for Culver Simpson in Ammonium Nitrate and got the role. His experience in producing made him an attractive EP for Onur and James.

Drew Jenkinson

Drew plays the leading role in the film of Jesse James Price. Drew, like all of the other cast, is a Mancunian through and through. His career has seen him in several films and theatre shows over the years.

Elle Finch

Elle is playing Brittney, a fiesty sassy character who gets what she wants. 

Jake Thomas Owens

Jake plays Rickson, Jesse's partner in crime. The two are two mischievous peas in a pod. Jake has previous experience in boxing, something which will come in handy in his fight scenes.

Michael L. Knight

Michael is playing the antagonist in the film. Antonious is a south african mercinary who's ready for a fight. 

Sean McLaughlin

Sean plays a character called Donny. A head strong nuisance. Sean has played many roles over the years both on stage and on screen.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£20 or more

Digital Copy

You shall recieve a digital copy of the final film once it releases.

£10 or more

Name In Credits

For this amount you shall recieve your name in the credits of the film under the "backers" section.

£50 or more

Skype Call + previous rewards

You will have a skype call with the team live on set. Ask questions, have a tour of the sets, even have a look at the gear we use. You will also have all previous perks.

£100 or more

0 of 10 claimed

Signed Poster + previous rewards

We will send you a signed poster with all the signatures from the cast of the project as well as the directors James and Onur.

£1,000 or more

0 of 1 claimed

Executive Producer's Credit + previous rewards

Thank you! You shall be named as an Executive Producer on the project as well as all other rewards. We will invite you down to the premiere of the project and pay for your food and drinks. You are also welcome to be onset at any time.

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