Amity Youth Development Employability Project

by Amity Youth Development in Croydon, England, United Kingdom

Amity Youth Development Employability Project


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Our aim is to provide vocational training young people who are struggling to find employment thereby improving their career prospects

by Amity Youth Development in Croydon, England, United Kingdom


Amity Youth Development (AYD) is a London based organisation that was set up to help young people who were finding it difficult to secure employment. There were many young people who approached us in regards to working in the security industry.  Once the entry process was explained to them; that is complete L2 Door Supervisors Award and pay for the SIA License.  The majority of young people said “they would like to enter the security industry however, it was too expensive”.  As cost were proving to be a barrier we started fundraising to help young people.  “Why the security industry” I hear you ask?  The security industry offers flexible hours and a wide variety of roles.  Working flexible hours allow young people to either continue you to study part time, work towards enterprise or to follow any other ambition they may have.

Prior to Covid-19 AYD was successfully fundraising to raise funds to run   their Employability Project. Like many other organisations, we have incurred considerable financial loss since the March.  Planning and delivering of the project has become increasingly more difficult as our funds have dwindled.  Nevertheless, our desire to help young people remains as strong.  

Sadly Covid-19 has interrupted our fund-raising efforts and exhausted most of our finances. Equally it has made the challenging circumstances that these young people face even more pressing. The loss of many jobs from the neighbouring Gatwick Airport has in particular hit the residents of Croydon hard.  Previously many young people had jobs at the airport.  As a result of Covid-19 numerous young people have contacted us seeking support as they have been amongst the first to lose jobs at the airport. 

Track Record

We work with young people in particular many of our service users are from a BAME background. We are particularly proud of being able to assist young people who have ongoing health concerns which have prevented them from working.  In particular, we have helped young people who are exhibiting mental health concerns to complete a L2 Award in Door supervision pay for their SIA license and helped them to find a role in security. 

Working in security has worked particularly well for the people with health concerns as it offers a variety of roles that can be matched to individual strengths, skills and personal circumstances.  The flexibility that security offers enables people who have not worked for a long time to ease themselves back into employment at a pace that suits them; in so doing they are more than likely to retain their job.  In addition, they can if they wish reduce their working hours if they are not feeling well enough to work.  Once they are well enough they are able to return to work.  Without our assistance, these young people would not have been able to secure employment in the security industry.

The benefits of completing the L2 Award in Door Supervisors course and gaining an SIA License is that the license   lasts for three years.  It allows the holder different degrees of flexibility as there are any avenues of security work to choose from. That is young people can use it to transition into different employment pathways whilst still being financially independent.

  There is no better feeling than seeing these young people succeed.

What we want to achieve?

We need assistance to pay for the:

  •  L2 Award in Door Supervision course.
  • SIA License granted by the Home Office
  • Cover the cost of hiring a venue
  • Trainer/Instructors cost 
  • Refreshments
  • Travel costs

 As part of our aftercare programme we support candidates to produce CV's and we offer them a trial shift.  On successful completion of their trial shift we will provide them with a reference to help secure a role, there is also the possibility of them accessing additional training if required.


We want to expand the opportunities that are available to young people.  Working in security enables candidates to develop a number of transferable skills which can be used in a variety of employment sectors such as customer service and communication skills. The work we do helps to address employment barriers and skills shortages.  By developing and expanding on the skills set of young people they will inevitable reduce some of the barriers they face thereby improving the chances of them securing employment.

To start the ball rolling we need your financial support.

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